Fire Gelz | Dr Tony Huge Review part 2

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Muscle. Jill's fire before morning fasted cardio. So I put this on the places where I actually want to burn the fat, because if I take a stimulant or Fatburger orally goes through my whole body, which is fine if I have a lot of fat on my body that I wanted to go everyone of burning fat from everywhere. But if I want the fat from a specific area gone like my abdominals in my lower back fat, then I just want to apply the fat burner to that area so I don't have to put unnecessary strain on my heart and in burn fat from place that I don't really care about. That's easy to burn because I'm very easy to burn the upper body fat. It's hard to burn the ab fat. This is very hard to get rid of, so why not just attack the specific fat on a specific area that I'm trying to get rid of? And that's what this does. That's why I use it and it absolutely unequivocally works because the results are you, Khun see visually

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