First Time Doing SARMS and Steroids! | Dr. Tony Huge and PJ Braun

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So I started experimenting with this arms and things. Probably about twenty seven or so on. And then I didn't touch the gear other than the pro hormones and things I had run those when I was younger because I didn't think of them as drugs. With the time I thought about my supplements, sort of. And then, uh, then started the steroid cycle. First year, what cycle was testosterone and Toronto ball? We shot the test in there the first time A lot of people make that mistake of just doing something like De Ball or Deca because they're popular in the gym and they wanted screwing themselves up. It actually started with just two rentable and, uh, about a weekend. I was. I knew I was kidding myself. I knew that was stupid, but, ah, weekend. I was like, All right, I'm just being chicken. You know, I I realized that my own ego about being natty and not doing an injection and considering myself half natty by taking an oral stories there, it was ridiculous. And then that that's what I added in the first injection with a twenty one gauge, one point five inch needle. Everyone long, Mary. See? Where did you stick it? Uh, right in my butt cheek. And my friend, who had introduced me to all the research chemicals. He's the one who gave me my first injection, and it was so freaking painful on. Now, thank God I've learned so much about how to project better using a small little differently. That's horrific. I like when, you know, you come across the beginners and they bring those daggers out and you're like, Oh, my God, I haven't seen one of those. And so long, like, why are you harpoon? Yeah, I won't when you're in it. One of those. And in the very beginning, I did two. That's that's mine. Back, back when I started was in what year did I start taking steroids in early two thousand's? Andi. Back then, that was like all there was these big, long ones. You know, Honestly, I didn't stop torturing myself with the fuckin whale harpoons until I started working at Blackstone. So I don't know who it was, but somebody was like, Why are you doing this? And I was like, I don't know how else to do it. That's like, That's like the most common thing you hear from beginners is those those twenty one inch one point five zero a huge, but least you went in the butt. I actually, when I didn't know anybody. I was scared in the beginning and I used to do him in my shoulder. I think it's partly reason we have such bad scar tissue on my shoulders now.

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