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I wanted to discuss the difference between name brand, the actual formula and generous Okay, because with some drugs, the genetics or better, no doubt with some drugs. The name brands better, and there's a reason why you're getting like, okay. For example, everybody's heard about the old American and draw Syntex twenty nine o two, or even the the one after that, which was, That's a subsidiary of it. But it still was the dark bottle with the white cap and the red label on. OK, now everybody remembers. You know, all man, you couldn't take two or three could have nosebleeds and all that other stuff like that. We've got a lot of generic and rolls out there, and I've never heard anybody compared to that. But I have heard people say the Iranian and a drawl was the same and way back and and also an apple off an apple on is like the same. But when you get Oxy Oxy meth alone, it's the generic form. It's not quite the state. This is in my opinion, okay, I think with Viagra it's one hundred per cent the same. See, Alice is one hundred percent the same when I think what happens isn't something, for example, really decadent bowling to me? When I take it, I could take a very low dose, and it works really well. And I go home water off. It makes me actually look good natural to Kanna. Wait, on the other hand, I got to take more of it. And it makes the whole water too. The same is durable and versus natural female propane, eh? And actual name brand and a bar versus archangel. You know, some people would say, OK, you know, I take this particular company balcony, if any, any His company Alfa, Former. Whatever. And they're taking six all John ticket. It works really good. It does. But compared to the actual name brand and a bar when people say it was two point five milligrams, I only took, like, you know, much less those of that. There's a reason they actually keep above the actual formula a secret. After a certain amount of time, course the patent goes up and they could make it slightly difference. But in a lot of cases with America drug companies, that actual formula is really captain of all, and people are able to basically take the drug, reverses you knew it, copy it, and then make it something very similar to it. With the natural of the candidate, it all has to do with the formulation of it in the Esther part of correct. Tony. Yeah. So interesting point on that. You're right. It's You can't just make a blanket statement and say that all drugs are better if they're in their pharmaceutical state, the way they're created by the drug company. And that generics or worse. Or you also can't make the Blake and statements a generic, sir, just the same as as the pharmaceutical companies made them. So you have to go drug, buy drug, and yet you're exactly right. Viagra. I don't think anybody can tell any difference from any generic toe compared to Viagra. Blue blue visor, Viagra. Uh, now Deca. Ah, that's interesting when you brought up. Because that is one exactly, very specifically that some of the top pro bodybuilders will not use u G l Deca. Their coaches will not let them use you jail. Beka, it is pharmaceutical deca, and it's only fifty milligrams per ml name brother, they're willing. We're talking well not, Not just, I mean, not you deal. Even if it's even if it's generic natural of Kanna. Wait, which is pharmaceutical. They still won't use that they want to use Deca Gribble The name right? We're gonna all right. And you're you're on Kuwait. You saw it? Why? Ah, better results off of way last dose and useless. I mean, like, you know people are taking, you know, a gram of Decca from Yuji l's. But some of these top pro body of voters might only take two hundred fifty milligrams from the pharmaceutical deca and get far superior results. But pharmaceutical name brand Becca. And have you noticed the same thing with Anna Bar and an angel? I have noticed it with an immoral and a droll and Decca. I've had Della Textural, which is name brand tests and and a and I've had deep deputised Astro nw and they're very, very close. They're very, very looks very close, but animal over. I think I noticed the difference. I mean, like even the look. But the look of the actual name brand and a bar My body got drier harder than the generic. What? What did you see yourself. Ah, I didn't I didn't. Ah, use or see any of the neighbor and a draw. Yeah. And a draw. They also use name brand and of our not so much. I don't think a lot of the top. A lot of the biggest guys used one of our much, uh, actually more of the Moor alone with Winstrol lines when they're trying to dry out and cut up. Why? So I've noticed. So I haven't used a lot of the pharmaceutical. Well, we can't keep saying pharmaceutical, but you're right. The name brand pharmaceutical. Um, but I have noticed I have noticed with U G L Z, even of sometimes a very big difference in results from from one to another. And it's it's not necessarily ah, like one brand is always better than another. A batch could be better. And and I don't think it's I also don't think it's the milligrams. I think it's the raw powder, and Trevor explains this to me and he actually loses me an explanation. But he talks about how these very, very small differences with certain compounds could make such a big difference. Yeah, just like you said it, the other compounds. It makes no difference at all. So I don't want to leave. I don't want to lose you, but let me see if I can kick it. Wrap this up with the whole bowl, Okay? When we're dealing with the pure Ross, like Trevor said, OK, you're talking about a molecular weight of I mean, how was process if it was? If it was made with the absolute highest of highest of ingredients that that the purest, the purest of extracts, solvents and all that stuff you're gonna have an absolutely low Dalton. Wait, drink. That's the difference. Sarah stand makes you hold more water. And actually, some cases makes you retain more nitrogen because they've given it to HIV patients that didn't beat hardly any food. And it still made them retain muscle mass that they had, in some cases with even a small amount of food, even put on some muscle. But they were in a wasting state. The gene atropine of all the growth hormone makes you all the least amount of water, which makes a lot of body, though there's not like it because they don't feel that small off of it like the dew off the the star of the Northern Troops. And, like the dew off the gene, a trip in or the Saracen A lot of people. It's the first step in the off season. The dull thana wake carries through with the crystal powder that makes every single one of these different items, from the Ana drawl to the deck out, too. So four and from the big there's always usually a two part, their very first far. It has to do with the actual substance. If that's at its highest purity, then automatically you're going to have a lower adults on wait, then have the filtration process where this is where the U deals do not have the equipment that the drug companies have. So there's two differences. You start off with other deck adorable in which you cannot get the rods for You can't get the roster Deca Durabolin because Organon has that formula. And there just if you make it, believe me, they're coming after you. Okay, that's how it is. But you could get the Ross for natural into Kenneally. She get that, and then the filtration process is what makes it so. That and the end up molecular weight off. The substance is higher. Your body has to filter out those Dalton's did. Filtering out of the ultra is It's almost like an allergic reaction, and you retain water. So when you see your taking a U. T. L test that you're holding more wire off of that, then you would off of the name brand. That's the reason why it was cheaply made cheaply made, compared tto multimillion dollar facilities that meaning that it's cheap. But understand that in the long run, if you're taking multiple big for substances that have high Dalton on weights, you're taxing your delivery Tiny's and so you could get better results off of a pure substance. You know, I mean, I mean you you you will think about it like that. But just think about it. If you had, if you had a beer and you add water to it, I mean, it's kind of the same thing. So when they're doing these, you still having the same beer. But you still have twelve ounce glass with eight ounces of beer in it. Okay, you can put two ounces of water it that's ten ounces of beer to twelve ounce glass. It's still same out of here, but now by volume, it has less alcohol. It's almost the same thing with the lower Dalton. With the higher dolts on way. It's actually not as a pure of a substance, so when your body breaks it down, you won't get the best results. In other words, name brand Deca Durabolin, fifty milligrams, seems to work almost as good as one hundred milligrams of natural candidate. It's not. It's not this case with every drug like like we said. I mean, there's no there's no difference. And a lot of these groceries, actually, zero difference. But in some cases that's the difference between a name brand Candy Genero, and people don't realize it. They think that they could just go ahead and buy it, but it all breaks down to something that we can't even see. It has to do with the molecular wins, the hire, them elected away. The more impurities that hat's, the lower than electing the way, the easier your body to a simulated absorb it and get better use out of the lower milligrams. Yeah, yeah, that's good. Some of this is outside by expertise. My experience, but I want to try to add some little pieces along the way that I think the audience thinking about these things. Consider the molecular mass of these things also affects the permeability, whether it goes through cells easily or difficult. So the last molecular mass it is, for example, what were I'm experimenting a lot with transdermal. So if something's gotta lower molecular mass, so it's like smaller, less dense. It's easier to fit through the skin cells much easier. And so I would assume that it's also similar to absorbing into receptors or transporting around the body easier if it's that lighter molecular weight. Ah, also, nothing is one hundred percent pure when these things are many fashion, even the pharmaceutical, you know, we say ninety nine point nine percent pure. Oh, that one. That point one percent, remember, is it can be significant when we're talking about things like hormones that are very specific hitting very specific receptors. I do know that to be true. Uh, Tony, huge labs. I have a list of experiments that I'm doing. Some of them have to do with molecular mass and permeability transporting through the skin on then also comparing different compounds. So it's really interesting you're bringing this up right now because after the video, I'm going to go back to my research notes and see what experiments are coming up So I can talk to you about some of those that are coming up and get any insight you have or any additional experiments that we should. I mean, we're let letting people know what exactly what purity means. Because a lot of times people will be like, how long? You know, I'LL take eighty percent pure I'll just used more and and then we're talking with gear. If you're getting your Ross from China and you're you're not doing it right, that's what they call pit and stuff like that wife. It doesn't. It burns for it, Liza Long See, it leaves alone because it doesn't. It doesn't absorb and see the molecular. The lower the molecular weight, the easier it goes through the cell law. Exactly. But a lot of a lot of people listening to this are probably thinking Why are we talking about this? Because we're never gonna have access to pharmaceutical grade gear anyways. But you mentioned Iran. I do have a lot of friends and fans that go to Iran to get their gear Well, then they use it there where they transported back, with or without a prescription. Whatever you think that is. What about the baskets or desertion? They what? They could get a doctor over there to get a prescription to transport supplies back legally. And I'm sure that program to look for the money. Yeah, yeah, and it's an inexpensive country from what I hear. So if someone wants to get, you know, a plane flight is going to cost a lot a lot of time. But by the time when you get there, the prices that I've heard on steroids over the counter there is mind blowing. Mike, you know it's cheaper to buy steroids than it is to buy BC A's and protein powder. Oh, yeah, it's crazy. I mean, and and they're all available. There's no prescription necessary. You just need it to transport it back. I don't know. You know, Even though my my my parents were born there, I was born here. I'm not too sure if I would go just because, you know, the Americans could be a target in a place like that. We already know Paternalist was help. Help! Help! Prisoner s o. You know, it may not be the best thing, but, hey, you know, just speaking about it. Iran is not following the pattern regulations that the rest of the world or the breast America way enforce the pat regulations. So they're basically going rogue, and they're they're talking identically name brands. That's what they're doing. So you're getting your unit, or are you actually get the name brands over there? You could get real depth that they were bowling over their name brand. It's a lower dose, but it's five organ on. Everything is, you know, from actual name like sussed anon. The name brand from Organon Ampules probable is also another one. I've noticed the difference to the name s Yes, exact prima bolin is the number one one that I think our friend is better than, like the hundreds of prints of futile to me. That's to me. Would you? Yeah. That's exactly what I have. Everybody who's tried pharmaceutical and u G l Gear. Prima Bolin's the one that they say, Oh, what do you think about probable? And I say I never got that much off it. But did you try pharmaceutical, provable and every single time? Because they say, Yeah, because I never felt it until I use the pharmaceutical print more, but they always But But when people are looking for miracles approvable and they still always do say that state time, it still does take, you know, three weeks to really start seeing something from it. But then the magic happens. Yeah, man. And it does too. And what? What What was a dose for you? Because there's so much misinformation out there about those is on primo. But if you get riel bear removal in or real prima bowl and very agreeable, wouldn't you? What? What? Those worst good for your body weight. I haven't ran a full cycle of the primo. I still haven't given it a full shot I've done. I've done three mobile and a thousand milligrams a week Graham a week for a few weeks, and I still didn't notice much. And that was you, G l. And that's what I'm like. Why am I? Why am I wasting my time with cream? My general Siri on Trimbole is Why would someone take probable on when they could takes arms there Mohr, anabolic and Orel and cheap for and have to inject so much less oil. That's kind of what's arms were designed to replace Criminal in and Amar. Well, that's kind of where I gave up on Prema bowling, but you know, since then, and I know a lot of people that use the pharmaceutical prima bullet and have great success with it.

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Anthony DeGennaro

I have a question so my source sent me 100 IUs and one bottle The thing is it’s barely any powder but he says it’s legit and it’s pure there’s no fillers The thing is he sells gear and his gears amazing but the whole HGH thing I don’t knoW. is that how far my grade is like there’s almost no powder?