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It is a trick I called attenuating the Myo Tadic reflex. Really the minute static reflexes twitch at the bottom, and it it's the most powerful neurological interaction you could have with the muscle because you have your conscious mind contracting the muscle. But then you also have your body's own system of contracting the muscle to protect the muscle from over stretching. But the problem is, if you start an exercise the biotech reflex, you try to activate it. Just like this, you'LL get some of it. But if you really want a lot, what I do is I attenuated, which is add to it by first I really taking the muscle I hit. I goto failure in the contraction part of the range of motion, which builds both blood flow intention in the muscle. And when I hit failure, I let it down. Now hit the Maya Tadic reflex. Now there's so much more attention in the muscle and the Maya tactical flexes exponentially increased, and you can feel the muscles twitch and gated every fibre. And I didn't do the set to complete failure because if I did, I wouldn't be able to breathe because there would be such a massive pump. So pain, huh? How dealers so painful, but that's how I do it. And that's I think, uh, a really big secret, activating the most. The most amount of muscle fibers. Never heard anybody else talk about it. I'm not gonna claim, but I discovered it because maybe some. Maybe I heard it from somewhere. But I truly can't remember ever hearing anybody else talk about activating the Myo Tadic reflex by first building up tension to amplify it. But it's extremely effective, obviously not effective for every exercise I specifically chose an exercise that has a really good stretch position of what I feel safe to stretch position, uh, for my body. Uh, and I'll probably do more in the future of different. Besides, you could use this trick on toe, activate every muscle fiber And if you don't understand what I mean by the Maya Tadic reflects, or how important is toe, activate every muscle fiber and the neurological connection between the muscle fibers and the spinal cord and also up to the brain. Then I'll do the explanation of that another video as well

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