Steroids! | Dr. Tony Huge and PJ Braun

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A P J. What? How old are you now? Thirty eight. All right, so I'm thirty six, So pretty, pretty similar in age. So wow, you started gear pretty young. So have you. Do you do here? No So quick. Little history on me. I started by building when I was twelve. Very seriously, like, right out the gate. So by my senior year in high school, I was already known as like the big kid. And, you know, I would go to different towns and people would go, Oh, you're that bodybuilder guy, you know? And so when I got out of high school, I wasn't big enough or fast enough to play football anymore, And I started competitively. Powerlifting. I won the teenage drug free, a national powerless and championships and and my last meet because one hundred ninety eight pound lifter, I fully ruptured my biceps tendon. And I was so sad because I was only doing the power lifting for fun. It was just fun at the time. It was just a hobby in bodybuilding was my passion that told me was probably maybe ah, six month recovery time. So during my recovery, I took everything very, very seriously with all my rehabilitation stuff. And when I had gotten back in the gym, I felt like I was so far behind. And I just started really, really intensely. Like I would say, by the time I was done with my my my surgery and back full speed at at around twenty one, I was training as hard as most national bodybuilders do now, completely drug free. So I was like, I want to do a bodybuilding show really bad and make up for lost time. So I had a mentor in college that I was talking about. A guy by the name of Rene broods. Brilliant, brilliant guy. And he was kind of guiding me on DH. Everybody was like, You know, if you do the show, you have to get do drugs are going to get your ass kicked and I just didn't want to believe that. So I wanted to prove everybody wrong. That was my my whole mind set. So I died in my ass off for the bed. Francis Atlantic States and I died it all the way down to one hundred eighty nine pounds and, you know, five, ten and a half. So that's a skinny. It's a skinny body builder, but I was ripped, you know, I was absolutely ripped. And I want a ppe placing fifth. There was about thirty guys in the light heavyweight, so that shows. So people were coming up to me backstage and there and there they were literally saying, Man, if you get on Cem Cem shape, you're going to be good. Your natural, aren't you? And I was like me, and they can all tell, but I'm natural. And so I remember thinking about you know, what I looked like after all the work, how much smaller I was. And I realized there's no way that I will be able to be as good as these guys if I don't get on steroids. And I think it's very important for everybody. No matter how good or bad you're genetics are, you've got to be able to take a look at yourself and say, Okay, do I look like the guys that are doing well at this? You know, if you're going to dedicate your life to being, and you know when I have B B pro bodybuilder, right? And you know you're taking steroids. You're doing all these things and you're looking at yourself in the mirror and you are not even close to what you see doing. Well. Chances are it's just not in the cards for you. So I looked at myself and I knew there was no way naturally. So I decided that I wanted to do steroids. And the funny thing is, I had asked Renee a couple times, and the advice that he gave me that I always cherish to this day was he said, Listen, just because I do it doesn't mean you need to. You're doing fine on your own. But I'll tell you what. You want to follow my lead, follow my protocol train with me every day how I eat for a year. I will help you get it and teach you how to do it. So I was, like, Done. I wanted to be like him so bad. So I trained with him that whole entire year, and I was like, All right, it's been a year. I'm ready to do some steroids. Let's go when he goes. Look at how good of games you made, though. You mean amazing games. Why do you wantto stop making these gains and rely on something else when you've already did this. And I was like, Well, you do it and he goes, Yeah, but look at the games you made are actually more impressive that I have made not doing it. Come on, stick with it a little bit longer. Let's see if we can Max out your potential. So he did that to me again. And so because of because of Renee, I learned the importance of the nutrition and training and, you know, over the counter supplementation in the beginning. So once I had proved myself in the show and I wasn't going anywhere finally was like, Fine, I'll help you get some damn steroids. And I didn't even take his advice foolishly because I was talking to all the big guys and they were all doing DIY balls when my head I was like, I have to do t ball. But then some of the other guys were like, Oh, I like deck of the most. I came up with this little decade evil cycle, and I gained, like, thirty pounds what was super bloated. I I just didn't like the way I looked and I basically came off and start it all the way over again. So I I started after my twenty second birthday, so I started fairly young. But I had a full, ah, full ten years natural, you know, behind me at that point, and I knew that I was going to go all or nothing to be a pro bodybuilder.

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