PJ Braun Interviews Dr. Tony Huge | Summary of Dr. Tony Huge’s Life

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Talk a little bit about Dr Tony huge And how this all started because, you know, maybe I know and your specific listeners know, but maybe a lot of my listeners don't. So I want Before we get into answer your questions, I'd like them to know a little bit more about your background and how this Dr Tony huge entertaining persona came to be sure. I'll try to explain in one minute, so obsessed with body building starting somewhere around age twelve thirteen when my first girlfriend told me she wanted a boyfriend with abs. So I thought I had to get abs to get the girl. And then from there, I thought I had to keep getting more muscle to get more girls. And so it started being like a lot of for a lot of people to get girls because I was a nerd, sort of, Ah, didn't really fit in with everybody else that well, so that was my became sort of my ego on what I was known for is bodybuilding and natural. Natural the way up until his age thirty. I'm thirty six right now. I was a businessman, entrepreneur, real estate lawyer. I sold my law office about three and a half years ago and intended to just retire completely. Um, I had at that time I was experimenting with steroids. Uh, because I was very anti drug. Uh, until it's thirty. I wouldn't night. Well, uh, maybe twenty seven when my mind started really opening up about, uh, the benefits that drugs could confer when they're used properly and with intention. So then fast forward Teo selling my law office because my baby mama got pregnant in order to try to trap me. And I did not want to have money. I did not want to be a target, S o. R. I practically burned a lot of my fortune at the time or hit it just to get just to prevent her from being able to come at me. I've done that. Everything is going wonderful with their Now we're together, and we have Ah, our daughter's. Wait a minute. This is I don't realize we're talking about the woman you regret burning all that money or no, uh, yes. And Artemis blames her for it because she basically cost me millions of dollars. But I'm here, and she is the type of person, and this is by common money changes air. So when when she first met me, she saw me is very powerful, but she saw me is having control of my own money, and she would never have control over it. Once she got pregnant, she realized that her friends all told her that then she has power over me. And she had a complete hundred eighty degree personality changed, and she was trying to abuse that power. So then fast forward again. Once I made it very clear to her that all the money was gone and there was no nothing she could ever get, Uh, get me for when she finally truly believe that, you know, more recently, actually. Then tree switched back to she was before, which is a wonderful, very peaceful Filipina immigrant girl. Uh, sort of like a village girl style back like that. I really like it so far. You are great.

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