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Hey, Dr Huge while on T rt at two hundred milligrams of test sip a week. I'm taking one milligram of Arimidex daily for existing gyno lumps and prevention of them getting worse and simple estrogen control. Wouldn't it be wise to just take something like relax if een instead, due to the sides of a decks like high end lipid panel or crashing estrogen level's too low. And from some readings, I understand it prevents some five et activity which DHT is essential to, whereas roll acts or Tam ox or even Clomid only deal with estrogen alone. Thanks, Dylan. Okay, so we tried to extract some parts of that. Didn't catch three quarters of it through, but so Verloc, Safin, Tamoxifin tor Morphine, chlo. McKeen. These air the four main selective estrogen receptor modulators that blocked the estrogen. They attached the extra receptor, but they give a knoll signal to most distant receptors. Actually, some actually resembles the act like estrogen, but for the most part, they given Noel signal, so they blocked the receptors so the blood levels of estrogen don't chain. But the effectiveness of the estrogen on the receptor does change. So he's all he's currently using a RIM index, which is an aroma. Taste better. Which box? The conversion of testosterone Estrogen in the first place and especially when on ly taking two hundred milligrams test per week, that's pretty low. I would much prefer if I had to be using an aroma Tae's inhibitor. Because then also, my testosterone levels are gonna be higher because the doctor is probably not going to give him much more tests on that. So we gotta make do. We're gonna make use of the test that we got you. We don't want to convert the estrogen that block it. What a waste of a good testosterone. My doctor does not like to prescribe tamoxifen. Hey, will. But with an HRT, you know the protocol you're supposed to be doing. You should be fine with anastrozole remedy X over the tamoxifen. You shouldn't want tohave it blunt like that. You know you need a little bit of that estrogen president. So yeah, and then tamoxifin also it blocks the estrogen receptors and also block section receptors to create satellite cells which could lead to new muscle cells and hyperplasia so it could potentially limit some muscle growth on so he's worried about lip. It's so just like you, PJ. Actually, that's the follow up question for you would be since you are on. Like we discussed a milligram of Aram ADEX every day and you said You have to do things to offset the impact. A lipid profile. What are those things that you do? Because this person may want to incorporate those. So I supplement with a very high quality FAA and fish oil product that I get through my doctor. And I'm not saying that there's no place for, you know, regular. You know, GNC, I guess we'LL say fish oils. But there's there's better quality stuff out there that will have a pretty impressive effect on your lipid profile when you when you take them properly and get them done. I take fairly high doses of mine, too. So I typically do anywhere from from depending on what I'm doing, six to nine grams of supplemental high quality fish oils a day and I also I use forty milligrams of you pick one. Also, there's a few things that I do. Two, I guess combat what's happening to my heart from the anastrozole. I also take extra and acetyl Sistine. So there's there's things that I do that I feel help out. I also believe personally, and there's not really any true study on this. We have talked about it with my doctor. She agrees as well. I believe that take include If I Own is often as Ideo has a positive effect on the profile because we're talking about the heart. What's one of the main things that that will attack their heart is free radicals. And so you're taking, you know, the most powerful antioxidant known to man that's going to, you know, be going after those free radicals in your bodies. So I believe that there is a indirect the fact from good to fine. Although people typically are taking it for liver detoxification, I think it absolutely has a positive effect on the lipid profiles. My numbers have gotten steadily better in that area based on supplementing with those things. What's your HD? So my last blood work, my So my my total number is never over two hundred, which a lot of people think that Oh, if you're over two hundred, this is so bad. It's really the ratio which is more important. So my last one, my numbers were thirty seven and like ninety, which is not too bad, because my ratio is still only around, like, three toe one there. So I'd liketo have you know when I was competing. This is this is a pretty pretty It's scary to see numbers like this. When I was competing, that number was in the single digits, and I don't know how low you've seen, you know, on people's blood works before. But that was actually fairly common with a lot of the bodybuilders that I've been working with over the years. And when doctors see that, they're like, blown away, you know, because if you take your your normal, you know, individual, that's not taking steroids and even eating, you know, McDonald's and all these other bad things today there's still going to have numbers like that, so that that's a scary one when you see that. So I've always been aware of that and been supplementing in some way I've never had. I wouldn't say I've ever had HDL LDL numbers to be proud of, but they're there. At least they're not in a horrible spot right now. There is still something that is a bit of a concern to me, though this will be one of my future research assignments to find which compounds can actually reverse after a scoliosis. Also, because, you know, if we do have lipid profile that's offering shells to Earl deals too high an accumulation of on the arterial walls of plaque, then if is there something that can reverse it, they think that pomegranate extract might be able to do that. So I I take a pomegranate extract, even though I had no way to really experiment with it or no. But just the science says that that might work. I may start doing that, too, then. So appreciate you telling you that. Yeah, I had the had seven HDL with my lowest on full blown gear, and now if it's usually around fourteen, but my aged has always been low. My HDL, before I ever did gear was, was only thirty. It was always under forty. Did they want you to do anything medically, you? No, it's a combat that well, you know, they offer me statins and things, but what statins will will kill you, too. That's the side that. Yeah, so I prefer not to take it. Is that I mean that when I die deep researched LDL and HDL the the the amount of HD seemed to be a lot of significant than then. We seem thinking in the mainstream. So I became less concerned with it. When I did my deep research. Hi, I'm became concerned about the inflammation and other things contribute to it as well. So like sugar, for example. Well, here's a good example of, of of being concerning ourselves with what really relevant and can him and really has a bigger impact. Not worrying about the sensationalist stuff is like the our blood glucose levels is is one of the biggest determining factors of health. And, uh, you know, So I still eat a lot of sugar, and I still eat garbage food sometimes. And Allie, that cern's MIM or that my LDL and HDL and at I'm still eating garbage food. So, like for me, I'm going to concern myself more with cleaning up my diet and lifestyle before I start worrying too much about the side effects of taking an Astros all in every mission go a little bit lower and then having HDL decrease as a result. I know you'LL find this interesting. I actually told the story the podcast before, So I was on a flight back from L. A. Ah, I sat next to a cardiology just and he was very into fitness, which oftentimes isn't the case. And he was, ah, fairly muscular guy. And he started asking me about bodybuilding and what not? And so he was an open heart surgeon and, you know, that was pretty much all he did these days. And so, you know, this guy has been studying the heart from every angle for his whole life. And he said he had a case where they had a young man that was about thirty one years old, who abused steroids and recreational drugs so bad that he was on the heart transplant list. And they have basically told him you're most likely not going to make it to the transplant. And so they actually mega dosed him. In the meantime, on fifteen hundred milligrams a day of ubiquity, all and he said, after thirty days, he showed a marked increase. Ah, And so they decided Teo, keep documenting this experiment with him and he wasn't set to get a transplant, you know, for, you know, best case scenario a couple more months, and so they were like, Listen, you know, odds are you're not going to make it, But please, please stay on. The protocol is actually showed some improvement in ninety days. He said that he actually got taken off the transplant list because of the effect that it had that positive, honest heart. And he said, Now, this is obviously ah, particular case. This isn't something we have study to prove will happen, you know, to anybody or everybody. But he said because of that, he immediately put everybody in his family on depending on whether they were male or female. Two hundred to four hundred milligrams of you, big when all the day. And he said for you as a bodybuilder, I'm sure you're probably using anabolic steroids. He's like, I would suggest you you settlement with four hundred milligrams of ubiquity all day. And ever since then I've been taking you back with all that was a few years ago. All right, I'm gonna e I was actually taking two hundred milligrams at the time. Andi said No. If you're using anabolic steroids, take forty milligrams a day. And he truly believed, Ah that it saved that guy's life. And they had They had been doing more testing. He said on it After that, it was probably a good three four years ago that I met. That guy was a very interesting guy on on the plane. So So the Yeah, The other thing I do to protect my heart, um, on this silly made a vascular system itself is Sometimes I take the civil law, which is, uh, beta blocker by Stalin is the thing by Stalin is the but that that's a beta blocker that just makes the heart work less hard and get last stimulation. And especially if I'm going to take us a lot of stimulants, then I get a devil also, that the stimulants can have affected the rest of my body, but without taxing my heart smart

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