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Which service do you think are most comparable? Like like if you could compare a song with steroid a sarin with steroids, in your opinion, what, like primo and of our cause we're talking once we're talking may have all of which one would compared to the audience knows that they're going to go invest their money into something that's that that is, say, safer, this steroids if they want to get the look of something which once today be looking for okay, it's tough to answer because all of this arms were designed to be very anabolic and not very angiogenic. They were all designed to be what Prima Boland is, and so they're all pretty close to pre mobile. You could pretty much go with Denise Arm and get similar to Primm Bolin effects. But within those arms, some are a little bit better for booking. Some are a little bit better for shredding some liver for strength. Somewhere a little bit better as a new tropic, I'd say the rad one forty and the S twenty three seemed to be even more aggressive than a pre mobile and probably much stronger than a preamble, and many compared doses like this. Those supremo compared to this, those of that, if you don't mind. Because listen, a lot of people don't understand. Toni, you don't really have a motive. People think you had everybody thought you had a motive before. Okay? But you don't even have a motive now, So if you're talking about how good these things are, you're not making any money off. This is just because we want to educate people. So I want to make it clear that, you know, talk about this stuff. It's not like we're gonna be putting a link to where you can buy this ***. It's That's not the case. This is just This is just Toni telling you guys the truth, That's what. Yeah, that's a good point. I have no motive. And m o exactly the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth. Uh, so let's take Let's just take a leg and draw. But it could have been experimenting a lot with Leandro lately. I'd say that Ah, like twenty five milligrams of league and roll per day would be mohr effective at building muscle and keep you just a cz dry as ah seven hundred fifty milligrams Supreme Warren per week one because he did the math on that. I was thirty five times seven. It's a lot less a lot lower dosage, you know, one third of the dosage of this arm might affect him or effective of three time of the dose into this arm and come here, come here. Same Neither prima bowl and almost never have side effects. Charming. Almost never have side effects. Of course, you always have to give the disclaimer that someone could have a side effect. But obviously anything anabolic is going toe, please fax, cholesterol and some roast natural testosterone. But other than that, most people have zero side effects on farms and most people have zero side effects on you. And by the way, as faras this they're running cholesterol issues. Guys, you don't have assistants. Subject yourself to that. It's a dietary thing. You, Khun, simply eat yourself out of that side effect you don't have tio sugar is the main culprit of it. You know, every now and then, if you're if you're loaded, you they want it fast. You don't have to force yourself into getting negative side effect. I mean, it's just plain simple. Yeah. And lab work. You can get lab work, done work and and see if you're not having a side effect. And why do you come off like me? I'm not. I'm not having other than my cholesterol being mad. Andi, I get my blood drain then that I'm not really having steroid side effects. Arm side of Thanks. So why am I going to come off? Yeah, you have somebody benefits from you've been using candidly speaking all in all honesty right before I met you. But you've been using for how many years? It's been six years now, So I started when I was thirty. I'm thirty six now. Of course I You know, looking at my physique, I have I have You know what? The best physics in any city I'm in in any given time. Right? So it is. It is a spectacular physique, but it's not on. I have B b pro fizzy, but then again, those guys can't maintain that. Whereas I can maintain this year. You know, you you look really good every time I see you. Teo, you've been healthy. Go help. You're about to do a show. But you look really what Here's Here's the thing I use. It's important for people to understand this. I used the chemistry of the crutch, and I openly admit it. I don't train hard in the gym. I don't diet. I don't do a lot of the things that bodybuilders do that takes a lot of time and energy. I used the chemistry to do it, which is pretty awesome to be ableto have this fizzy using the chemistry with almost no side effects. Ah, but if I did, if I did die it correctly, using the chemistry knowledge of chemistry that I do use if I did die it correctly and I rested correctly and I ate and I trained correctly, you can't withdraw now. I would I would be in the eye of Bt pro circuit. You could win. I I could see it now that if I got my hands on you for a solid year. But I mean, it's just such a constricting lifestyle on it, you know, there's so much more life than that. But you know what? In spring it's really great to be able to look like you do the all the I also want to say the same thing. It's just it's not as visible on my pa's IK as it is yours because I started from being so skinny. But, you know, I also feel the same way. I can't make it to the gym all the time. I can't eat the right way all the time. I used chemistry to make myself look good, and I do it in a healthy way. One of the things Tony I really loved about this conversation with when you said in the future that you will have a license love ottomans come take your blood. By the way, I'm a very hard stick. Okay, uh, we could maybe contribute this tow. My years of using you been when I was younger. Regardless of the situation, I was never a very vascular person. However, that's the big issue With me is getting my blood drawn is having someone good enough to actually get a good draw. So if you're going to provide that type of service, I think that's incredible. I think it's exactly cutting edge. It's it's what you know you're all about, and it's what it's what this industry needs right now. There's absolutely people to be getting sick. Just have that. I have to tell you a funny story real quick about the blood drying because you said it's hard to draw your blood. Oh, first of all, I'm taking aspirin helps helps the blood flow faster. So when they do hit and it'LL come out really quick so they don't actually miss it. And of course, you know, pumping harm Drink is taking a lot of sodium. So your veins pop a little bit more of those my helpful bit. But baby Mama was here. She has her medical license now. And she was drawing our blood to send into the lab and she was sticking my brother with the needle and she stuck him like four times because he's got really small veins to He doesn't let that much trouble. It was brutal. Watch. Oh my God, it's so brutal Ends. You have to stick someone four times trying the vein. So I feel for you, that's that's disgusting. You It's been a while, and I'm due for a trip out there again. So whenever you're whenever you guys are ready to have me out there again, our love to come check out the facility, get my blood drawn and all that. You know, I mean, I'm a little bit of a different. Obviously, I'm older than you like. I kind of cater to a different market. But, you know, I believe in and looking as young as I can and and staying is healthy. And as built as I can, I'm forty five. I'Ll be forty six this year and you know I mean, you have never had go talks. You know, I can't complain. This is my real hair. You know, I I feel blessed that I've done cycles often. On the first time I took steroids, I was fifteen years old on a city dump Chris with everybody. It was that brexit testosterone that allowed me to actually go through puberty. I was that leak Aziz and I was I was delayed impurity because of bodybuilding. I was body building, which was suppressing my natural testosterone happy nose. And I was doing this to try to get bigger. But I was delaying my puberty more and more, more, so I wasn't until actually had a dose of testosterone. That made a difference that I actually went through puberty. So, you know, in retrospect that that that may be a reason why I don't have an issue with this. But it's also I go often on and things like this right here, these thieves products that you could use, You know, while you're not on. I mean, that's that's kind of the key to keep your body healthy and also given your blood tested. Do you want to add another Tony? Let's add one more thing too. This way. Both have experimented with Creighton separately. You've never We never used it together. We've never even really talked about where you find out about it on your own. I found out on my own. I'm gonna ask you something. If you want to answer this, you can't. You don't have to. But you tried a lot of different drugs. Have you ever tried new things? No. Okay, don't just from an older man giving you advice, there's just don't try it. Okay. However, cradle is very much like a verbal new big. So for people out there that want to get a little bit of extra edge, they want to train harder. They wantto work out. They don't want to be so tired torching the workout. They don't want to be so sore that want to be able to do more sense. I gotta be honest with you. This creative stuff was the real deal. It really is. And I've taken new bang. And, you know, I've had Teo Thank you, Alors, for my next surgery and so forth. And I gotta be honest with you, this is This is very much like New Day. New bay is in a very specific class of drugs. It's a Agnes antagonise, meaning that it has full being properties. But it does not suppress the respiratory system. Like your traditional opiates, creative is the same thing. Creating binds to opiate receptors. Meaning it's an opiate. Okay, But it does not suppress the respiratory system, making it ideal to use as a pre workout so that you could actually go through a little bit longer. So, you know, I don't know if I'm here. It has athletes going to be coming out with it soon. I hope you do. I'm probably going to be selling some of it on my site because I've got a great hook up getting the kilos. They're good prices I've told you before, and I think it's I think it's definitely one of the future's can getting more out of your workout. I mean, we've got three workouts. We got inner work out, you got stimulants. We got many different types of things that could help you train harder, However enduring the pain and lasting longer or some of the things I mean And I don't mean from sugar from energy, I mean, but the actual ability to train more sets and go harder as if you were on a narcotic. That's what created does. And I'm really surprised that more people are talking about it. Since I'm talking about it, I wantto and we've never talked about it together like this only through text messages and stuff. But please, and you've got a lot of experience with this. I know you've done a lot of videos on it, but why don't you give me your take on it and please tell me how well it works for you Training Wass Okay? Yeah, I will. And then actually, I I have full of questions for you on it. But I'm gonna ask you after I after I eat give my pledge figure back up. But why? Some of the best? Some of the most pleasurable workouts I've ever had. We're on crater because for me, I use it to feel euphoric. I don't have any pain, Any chronic pain. I mean, my knees hurt, but my product, um so most people, you think of it as a painkiller. I think of it as ah ah you for euphoria as an anti anxiety as a feel good. And if I take it by itself, it has a little bit of a sedated effect for me. But if I take it with a little bit of caffeine like we work out, I have a cup of coffee with the crate. Um, it's the perfect balance toe. Teo, give me a little boost of energy, but especially make me just happy and excited to work out. And when I feel the pain in the gym instead of being like who? I don't like pain, it's like, Ooh, it feels good. I want to do this more. I want to work out harder and it doesn't. The workout doesn't seem to tax the mentally of much. And I guess I didn't realize that a workout as you're going through it is kind of chipping away. It's sort of your adrenal fatigue and your central nervous system and and you're your mind amount of mental energy you have. And I seem to have a lot more mental energy for longer in the gym when I'm on the crate, Um, and then after the gym, it's really nice, because then I feel very relaxed. I feel like I'm or anabolic. I feel like I can grow it like maybe it's even reducing cortisol, which is not those I absolutely think it does. And by the way, that's an interesting thing. You said that I don't have conclusive proof of this, but there is. There's been a lot of studies that have been shown that opiates are actually lower cortisol. They're actually anti cat a book now, innit? I'm not telling everybody to go get strung out on opiates, but what I'm trying to say is, is that and I'm going to use it is the basic analogy, as he ever can. Okay, if somebody were to stop eating for three days, they probably die before someone who stopped eating into Caroline for three days people can use opiates and not eat food and seem to last longer, longer, long. So with freedom. Because it binds those same receptors, it allows them to literally go longer and longer, longer. But it doesn't have the counterpart of opiates, which suppresses the respiratory system, which would make your workout counterproductive. So in a lot of ways, you know, create, um, is probably the best natural out of it you could do to get more out of me work out. I have tried it with coffee. It's it's extremely stimulating for me because I'm very sensitive to coffee. But I totally see that. Have you ever had a T, H C or CBD to that comfort to that cocktail? Uh, probably. But I don't remember. I'm thinking, Yeah, so I think there was sometimes in the Philippines when I was on all three. And the thing is for me, every time I take any th see whether it's a TVA indica hybrid, whatever Ah, aural or Vegas, I get really lazy mentally and physically not good for me, for the gym. I understand the mind muscle connection for sure definitely improved my sort of my concentration and focus But it also makes me just want to, like, lay down and not work out, you know? And you know, it's funny, because I I think I can state that I am the first person to introduce you. Teo Stacy with that hair. Yeah, actually, I want to do that is a separate video, though, too, because that because then I had some follow up questions about that. So I want to talk to I want to separate video with you after I My brain's working better than my blood glucose up with the freedom and then also the cannabis. This is This is good for today. I really appreciate your time. I'm sure the audience is going to really appreciate this. I'm going to break this up into a couple of different videos and go ahead and get something to eat and shoot me a call. And let's figure out when we could do the next one. Because even the fact is is that this has been long overdue. No, Everybody knows me from enhanced athlete, And I'll always always endorsed the company, period. Because I love you, man. You're a good dude and, you know, way should have kept your videos, but there was a little bit time where you were worried because, you know, YouTube, check censoring you and stuff like that. But I think now we should go ahead and start joining force to get. And there's a There's a lot. There's a lot going on this year, and we need to educate people and have people healthy. And like you said, You know, we got a live life through science and get rich and you say it better than anybody. Go ahead and say it be Sloan School, Friends of Freedom, Pioneers of human evolution. And there's your upper check shell. I love it. Peace itself. Next time, guys, thank you very much.

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Which Kratom can be used as prewo like Ameen says?


I would definitely have to say any strain but white and green strains tend to be better for working out because they’re more stimulating. What I like to do is actually take a half dose of a red strain and a half dose of a white strain and mix them together. That way is get a nice euphoric energizing effect while also having some noticeable pain killing affects.