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Here's what's going on now? All the patents for girl hormone were made in nineteen. Eighty seven, including the Nordic Trochmann mix. I have right here the pamphlets from all of the different growth hormones. Okay, I'm gonna read very, very going to start with Sarah stand because that's the one that's only for HIV. But that's the one that claims it doesn't have to be refrigerated prior to reconstitution. Okay, so I want to explain, and I want to explain why the drug companies say that the product must be refrigerated, and I'm not going to get into conspiracy theories or not. I've just been explained the science. You guys to make up your own decisions. Okay, Okay. And then afterwards, I'll just pipe in with a little bit of my experience on the refrigeration. Also. Exactly. Exactly. Okay, so on the description is on the pamphlet on number eleven and you can go ahead and get this off the off the website if you want. It's available oration. OK, so basically what it says it scares them is human growth hormone produced by recombinant DNA technology. Sterile stem has period. Sorry. Saracen has one hundred ninety one amino acid resides in a molecular weight of twenty two thousand one hundred twenty five. Dalton's going to repeat that one time, so we can all remember that. Twenty two thousand one hundred twenty five Dalton's It's amino acid sequence and structure are identical to the dominant form. Tom informed of human pituitary Girl for me. Now here's here's where there's a separation and it says, Sarah's them is produced by a million cell line and then it has in France. Youth mouth c one twenty seven was just being which is the actual, you know, number of the mouse that they use, that particular one. This has been modified by the addition of an A c H G. So they took the mammalian lining and they added a CH gene to modify it. Okay. And then the Sarah's them is secreted. So then the the rd m. A first part of it is two created through the lining. This is a filtration process. Okay. And directly through the cell membrane into the cell culture medium for collection and purification. That's serious. Then Sara san is not required to be refrigerated prior to reconstitution. It was planted in nineteen eighty seven all of all of the pence. Every single plant growth hormone goes back to nineteen eighty seven, and it is only approved for people who have h i v positive. Okay, so I'm gonna put this one aside and let's talk really quick about your experience with not refrigerated growth hormone coming from China and the results that he gave you so initially, I thought that growth hormone always had to be refrigerated. Since then, I've used or experience so money. Ah does many, many different types of growth hormone, many different types of sources. Urine in any different. You're out of work on it, and I found that it being refrigerated is less important than I thought and not even required. But but but then I will get some growth hormone sometimes that I believe the manufacturer made it properly, but it's still not very potent. And so I think it's not. It's not that it's by. My speculation is that it's not that it wasn't refrigerated problem. It's just that it was exposed to maybe extreme temperatures. Exactly. And yeah, so so I'm right now. If I have growth hormone like it's cold in Sacramento, I have no problem leaving in my car. It's cold. It's not, but it's it's summertime and it's hot outside. And you know how hot it gets in a car. I wouldn't leave it in there. And I have even seen, like, the visor pens. For example. I've seen a friend leave a fighter pen in a car and, you know, it gets, like, a hundred degrees and yeah, that's not gonna work. Yeah, that's gonna degrade. Speaking of Fizer, I'm going to read to you now, if either because I have that suit. Okay. So finds her and it's also under number eleven where it says descriptions. Okay, so let me read a description advisor, Gina Trophy. Okay. Now, I need you guys to understand that there is differences in wording that are very slight. But these differences actually make the entire story of how it should really be storing, handled. And I'll get into the intention of the drug companies at the conclusion of this. So for the description of Genotropin, it is Jennifer Open is a lifeline. Powder contains so matter trope in our DNA, which is holly peptide hormone of the re component. DNA origin. This is already different from Sarah Stan. Okay, but the pen is still nineteen eighty seven, and all the patents go back to Lily's human troll, by the way. Okay, there was Genentech's pro trope in which was one ninety two amino acid. It was not identical than Lily came out. You patrol came out with one ninety one, which was identical. All these pan to go back to Lily's in nineteen eighty seven. And the only difference is this life wording. Already we hear life flies, powder containing somatic trope in our d n A. That's different than the first one. Let me continue with the poly peptide hormonal re component, the aura to form. This is also different showing you there's a a pure process. It is one ninety one. Amino acid resides in a molecular weight of twenty two thousand one hundred twenty four adults. So let's just summarize this really quick. It is one Dalton on less than Saracen one adult. Unless now I'm gonna get into what that means because a lot of people don't understand what molecular weight adults are. Means I do. And Tony does and will explain that. So with the adult on being one less he says the amino acid sequence of the product is identical, not the predominant form. Which Sara? Sam Wass. This is identical. And by the way, Jennifer Open is the same as human girl. Okay, um, identical to that of the human growth hormone off pituitary origin. Sanada drove it. Now, second part of this where they talk about the mouse memoli and lining years. Genotropin, Genotropin. This synthesised in a strain of a street shithole. I This is a certain type of bacteria which has been used specifically to filter the GH Okay, that has been modified by the addition of the gene for human growth hormone. So where the mammalian cell lining was modified by the gene for human growth hormone in this one, the stretcher coli is modified with the gene for human growth hormone, with one less Dalton. This particular product is approved for children, and it is supposed to be refrigerated from the time that it is made to the time that it is done being deuce, That means during storage and handling. And after reconstitution now, briefly, Tony, I slipped. Conclude this because I have the final one, which is the North a trope in a Q. This is the newest form of girl hormone, the most stable and by the way, and all the tests, this comes back closest, most identical form to what we have in the pituitary. Okay. And I'm going to explain the different book of each one of these, too, because for that, you understand that the mussel actually forms. It looks different from the different types of growth. Hormone actually doesn't hold less water off the northern trope, and then you do off the somatic roping off the Saracen. Okay, let me let me read the description in the north, a trope in it says, And this is also under number eleven, nor the trope in is a poly peptide hormone of re competent DNA origin. That's the same as the Genentech. So so far I'm sorrys of of the Jennifer Open. So are they're the same. The hormone is synthesized by a special strain of E. Coli bacteria. This is this is also so far the same that has been modified by the addition. Here's where changes remember where they say, modified by the addition of the human gene, was added to the million cell lining for the Sarah Stem. And then it was added to the St Year coli for the Genotropin. And now for the northern trope in it's modified by the addition of a plasma, which carries the gene for human growth hormones. Okay, now I'm going to read to you this next paragraph because it's extremely important for us to understand why when I break down the science of this and what your coaches don't know shit because they can't explain this. Coach Trevor knows this, and that's why I actually have sat down. Is it extremely educated person? Guys? He's not just some big guy. He's actually got degrees. He's got degrees night. Don't put it to you that way. I trust is his opinion. He knows what he's talking about. Now, it says North atrophied contains the identical sequence of one ninety one amino acids constituting the natural occurring pituitary to human growth hormone. Here's the catcher with the molecular weight of about This is about okay, which means is really close to that. The other two were dead on. They didn't say about listen, this twenty two thousand gold tones. That's one hundred twenty four. Dalton's less and Gina Trumpet What does this mean? Okay, what this particular product claims is that once it's been used once you use it for the first time, you have twenty eight days at room temperature. It's perfectly fine at room temperature for twenty eight days. Let's think about this for a second. Guys. Drug companies get sued all the time by the smallest little thing they could get soon. What you see here is clear evidence. Okay? Of the drug companies working together, King the storage and handling preserved as refrigeration. And the lighter the adults on weight, the pure. The actual growth hormone is okay. The purer it is, the less fragile it iss, the more it can withstand room temperatures. Now, let's look further into this. Tony, I think you remember. It was about two thousand between two thousand five. In two thousand seven, the Congress made in growth hormone. Illegal Chinese import, Brooklyn illegal. Zachariah. Ah, yeah. So there's not a D a scheduled substance, but it's still in the criminal code that it's illegal to distribute it. Yeah, we don't know the exact date, but yeah, I was there around the time when people started discovering how effective it was for anti aging and curing a bunch of other diseases. So certainly not for the public protection. It was certainly to keep our access away from non Yusa pharmaceutical sources to protect their profits at our expense. And Jin Science was a company that was using the exact same technology as the Genital Open. They were using the same technology that dentro pin, and it did not have to refrigerated. They had US representatives here in the country, and I need to make it with a retraction because I told you this Tony, too, that it has to be refrigerated. It's, you know, it's an active state. It's like we're all meat, it'll go bad. You know, I was saying all this because of the way that it was. They were explaining it to me. They got me Tio. I'll be honest with you. I believe the bullshit until I actually read adult on weight and I realized that the lighter, the adults I wait up, your IQ gets the pure. It gets the Morgan stay at room temperature. The fact is, is that it's always been stable. A room temperature they priced challenged everybody by artificially raising it saying that the storage in handling is almost and I would say over fifty percent of the cost is the fact that it has to be stored and handled certain way. And mind you, it doesn't even change with in order to open until after you use it. So it has to be in your this session and then used, and then it's safe at room temperature. This is all to protect the drug companies from getting sued because in the event that there was a shipment that was sent that get that got lower than room temperature, like you say, got warm, it would then change the policy of it. Which then, could you leave that open for a lawsuit? And so they protect the They preserve the strength of the product by guaranteeing it because it's been cold the whole time. But it doesn't have to be. And that's a fact. We all know that now. Yeah, yeah, that's that's Ah, I believe it. Generally, when I look into drugs and and what it is legal in the United States and what pharmaceutical companies push, it's not the best drug. It's not the best form of the drug. It's what they can patent or what they can use to exclude other competition so they can keep the profits for themselves. I mean, it's absolutely ridiculous. It's gonna cost a pharmaceutical growth hormone in the United States is one hundred times what it should be. It's driving it. It could be growth hormone if it wasn't made illegal. In order to protect the pharmaceutical companies could be as cheap as any over the counter supplement. Well, I'm just available and let's talk about that, because that's the next thing and we're to discuss with you about, You know, my parents are from your on, and I have clients that go to Iran and they tell me about the drugs that are over there and everybody raves about, You know, all the first off the growth hormone American dollars. I think it's like a dollar fifty and I you It's that cheap, so they can't They can't rape the people over there because they have no money. OK, so even more to sell it. They have to stop all that nonsense. And they do. There's there's healthy competition over there, too. They have access to all of the brands, return unlike the United State. Yeah, yeah, so that's right. So even American brands have to compete against Chinese brands, Whereas here we have this monopoly on the market by the American tourist pharmaceutical companies to give us usually worse quality products. I think north atropine and fights are great, but nothing there worse but often times worse quality drugs for a higher price just to be able to exclude better quality drugs at a lower price so that they can keep the profit to the corrupt pharmaceutical companies here. One of the one of the drugs that I noticed I'm doing with was the active ingredient of Viagra. You're for a while. Enhanced athlete was making the generic version available. Is it still available? I don't know if it's still available. No, the U. S. Is also so. Here's the funny thing. Viagra is ofthe patent's so you know, you can buy a generic, but Viagra is still reinvesting massive amounts of money to try and convince people that their brand name buy Agra is better than the rest, but also to try to kill the competition, I mean that that's what you're paying for. So when someone goes and pays three hundred dollars for Viagra that they should be paying twenty dollars for you know what? The drug companies are using the rest of that money for Teo, actively give you misinformation and drive you away, probably. And yeah, and also to lobby the government to go after any competition against them, even though it's generic in off batons. So basically, still to try to keep him in off Pollyanna. The Steinway is when they had the pad. Exactly. And now I want to talk to you because I know that you tried that. And I don't mean, you know, maybe you're maybe you feel different than me. We didn't discuss this. It's for everybody to know. I said to a message. I asked you to do a video with me. Andi, I hoped we could do more. Tony, I hope we can, because there's a lot of great things to talk about.

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