Side effects of Arachidonic Acid | Dr Tony Huge

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It does a racket, Danek acid have any side effects apart from muscle pain and which is better compared to psalms? Yeah, a racket on a gas. It can have major side effects. I mean, all of the things you hear bad about inflammation and health. Uh, they're talking about what? A racket on a gas it does. So I only take enough Iraq atomic acid to increase the sourness and the muscles, and I try to time it like I take it free workout, and then it's very noticeable. My muscles get more full, more sore and grow more. But if you take too much, you start getting inflammation everywhere. Your joints, your tendons, your whole body exit. It's hard to get a bed in the morning. Feels like getting hit by a truck. And that's just the inflammation you gonna feel. Imagine what it's doing to your organs and everything else in your body. Very unhealthy. So is important is one of those supplements that Mohr is not better. A little bit helps a lot, and then you take too much, and now you're still gonna have a lot of muscle growth. If you have too much inflammation But now you're gonna have side effects, too. So that's why I think timing helps and keeping the dosage moderate.

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