Testosterone Shut Down? My Experience! | Dr. Tony Huge and PJ Braun

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Were you concerned at the time about the fear of natural shutdown and having to be on t rt the rest of your life? Did that was that one of the things you considered it was and it was funny. But some of the older guys that I worked with were like looks, Listen, here's the deal. Once you're on, you're never going to want to be off ever again. Anyway, You're going to go through these periods of doing a post cycle therapy and running HCG and going back clean, and you're going to hate it and all are going to think about is getting back on. So just get in your head now that once you're on, you're going to wind up wanting to be on for life and just accept that, and I kind of was like All right, well, makes sense to me on Once I retired, I retired young from competitive by building a retired when I was thirty one years old. But after I completely cleaned myself out, my old partner and I did a video serious that we called it Project Small, where basically I was like, All right, here I am PGA Brana been competing at the national level for many years. I'm two hundred sixty pounds, and I am going to document everything I do coming off steroids. And I documented it all lost, like, twenty five pounds over the period of, like, maybe eight or ten weeks or so. And then when we're done with Project Small when we're just backto being normal, I decided You know what? I don't really want to be like this anymore. I'm gonna at least get on some HRT and we'LL start a new serious called Project Huge. And, you know, that was about seven years ago, I suppose. When? When I when I retired. We did that. And I've been on HRT since then. Yeah, when I decided to take steroids the first time I knew, and I waited until I was okay with the idea of being on testosterone the rest of my life. Not that I need to be. I believe if I came off, I could take enough enough other things to keep my testosterone level high enough. I don't think I'm completely dependent on it. And I'm still fertile. Even after six six years of chronic steroid usage, I love you, but I can't. And I went in accepting that responsibility that and risk that I may have a rest of my life to a few years ago, during my marriage, I wanted to have children on DH. I came off of everything and I was running the pregnancy protocol with H G and Clomid and everything, and I felt terrible. But it was very important that I wanted to I wanted to have children. But my ex wife, uh, not not knowing. Not me not knowing had done an i u d without telling me. So I was just basically shooting into her for nothing. And she kept it from me for for for months on end. You know, once it came out, I was I was livid, like So you're okay with me? Just feeling like crap for the sake of trying to get you pregnant. When in when? In reality. You know, I was never going to get you pregnant. She was. Why? Didn't want to have kids, But I just didn't I didn't want to tell you. So after that, I got back on and I have been on since then by my blood work I shouldn't be able to have children the way my blood works Looks now, but I do want to have kids. So I do believe that, you know, one of one of the doctors that I work with has been doing this for a long time. And, you know, he says that as bad as some of the blood work that he has seen this faras how low, you know, things like Lewton izing hormone and Falco's A Million Hormone can be that he's seen people come back with, you know, the right protocols of H G and other things. You know, sometimes it takes a while, but he's he feels confident that that i'll be able to do it, so I'm gonna trust him. If I can't, then I guess I did to myself. It was meant to be, Yeah, So I have another baby coming to be born in a month, month and a half. Okay, that's so two months. Oh, um, and and my follicle stimulating hormone, my loot amazing hormone on my blood work says pretty much zero. And so it says, I'm totally shut down. But on the other hand, I did get her pregnant and I was on steroids when I got Yeah, most of my buddies were on when they got there. Very big moment. So a lot of people think, you know, I'm on birth control by taking steroids. I can do whatever I want. And most of my buddies have gotten their girls pregnant on steroids, including people that air, like taking huge amounts like, Oh, there's to be no way I could do this now and then all of a sudden, you're like, thiss happens. Ah, lot, you know, used to be in the old days, they were like, Oh, if you get on, you know, you could do whatever you want. You know? You're not going to get your sperm is going to be zero. You can do what? Everyone. Most of those guys figured it was no big deal. At this point. I don't You know, I don't use protection with my girlfriend. If she got pregnant, I would just, you know, consider it destiny at this point on DH. So I rolled the dice. But, you know, we're in love, and I don't plan on being with anybody else, So I feel like it's a fair a risk to take. And I'm old enough that, you know, first of all, you never really ready, I guess when you when you have kids anyway. But I'm old enough where I know that I want children. So, um

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