The Secrets of Estrogen and Bodybuilding!?

Dr. Tony Huge and Akaash discuss Estrogen in bodybuilding, how it fits in the ‘Anabolic Matrix’, what happens when its too high/low and the optimal range for fat loss vs muscle building.

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The secrets of estrogen and body building. My friends of freedom, I'm making this video specifically for you. Those of you they're seeing this for the first ones to see this video before anybody else is very important topic about estrogen, where it fits into the anabolic matrix. What happens when estrogen is too high? What happens when it's too low? The optimal estrogen range for fat loss versus the optimal estrogen range for body building and building muscle? Let me get closer to the whiteboard here, guys, and let's get closer here so I can show you some things first. Uh, we don't want to get rid of estrogen completely because there's some health benefits cardiovascular health, bone health, fertility and nitric oxide, which is also body building health benefit and also packs heart health for bodybuilding, benefiting muscle building for estrogen. It helps with volume ization, which is part of the anabolic matrix. All these different growth pathways are contributing factors to growth that work in synergy volume ization by increasing estrogen causes, strength game, nutrient delivery and facial stretching, all of which helped build muscle, make us look and feel fuller and then also estrogen helps in the development and activation of new muscle cells or upgrading the current muscle cells so actually directly building muscle. The estrogen also combines with H gh and insulin to make GF, which is possibly the most powerful muscle building hormone. And estrogen also helps a glycogen or attention. How much carbohydrates, how much glycogen you can fit in the muscle, which also massively increases your performance and therefore also your ability to gain muscle. But you also caution coaches coached a lot of people, and I've done a lot of experiments. We have a ton of experience with estrogen. What happens, Akash, when you have your athletes cut out their estrogen or lower their restaurant completely? First of all, how do you cause them before a bodybuilding competition? Drop the restaurant? I'm really just let resolves the easiest way to go. I'm especially three to seven days out of show, but prior to that, you know, just examine stain at straws, all things of that nature. But you know, to piggyback off Tony's question when your missions like that low, a lot of people freak out. I want to emphasize that you can crash your estrogen zero that out for like three to five days. And you know it's not the healthiest thing in the world. The pre contest, the benefits of just getting super dry. Zero water attention. Yes, you're not going to build any muscle, but who cares what that point is? Just to get a script as possible. So for three to five days, the body can come back from that. Guys. It's thes durations of late and, you know, frankly, un people unintentionally crashing the estrogen or leaving it to hi, this actually the problems. Don't be afraid of crash mission to make sure you know what you do. It's a crashing, and surgeon to zero is going to cause flat muscles, which for a bodybuilding competition, you know that there's some benefiting. Have some estrogen because it helps muscle fullness. But at the same time thie estrogen holds water, you have to bounce off the drugs and the mix to offset that. You take that consideration to pump up everything carbs, uh, inability game muscle if there's toodle estrogen. The benefits, though, is it's much easier to burn fat and you lose all the water you get that dry, hard looks. Those benefits of estrogen being too. But estrogen being too also means probably a low sex drive. Low energy, low motivation makes it really hard to train as it gets closer competition. Of course, one of the reasons why bodybuilders get weak for a competition besides losing the water from other drugs is because estrogen is so low and then they're taking Mohr and politics and Antigenics specifically to get that strength and motivation back in the gym. Now what happens when your clients are? You have taken too much estrogen. Akash. Well, I don't say it that I've taken too much as a hasn't failed to imply you've never you've never taken action. Never taken direct messages have not been myself extra. So the way that you're getting estrogen is from the conversion of testosterone. That's what's happening. So when the testosterone conversion Teo Extra in Esther's too high gyno. All right, That's the main thing that most people end up happy. Three main sister situations are gyno, acne and hair loss. Oh, well, that's a good one. That Yeah, well, whatever. Now you guys know so, yeah, I put on my list a guy know gaining fat when your estrogen size release being fat, holding water in three different places. Subcutaneous is underneath the skin that dresses up with muscle definition, but it doesn't have any health implications. But there's other types of water attention people don't see. They feel hopefully and understand that it's not healthy for depression. Body that's water retention on the heart and the organs. So if if you see a body, but it is big and puffy and holding a lot of water and you know, we're talking about what side effects they're experiencing the face potential, it's the most danger they're causing to their health is probably the pressure on their organs, not any of the steroids. That's probably the estrogen that's causing too high of estrogen and too much water attention, also from things like growth hormone and insulin. That's causing the pressure on their organs, which is the worst side effect they're having, not from the steroids. Some people with too much estrogen get emotional or they have low libido and they have depression. I don't experience that from high estrogen. I seem to feel fine on high estrogen, but I do feel like total crap if my ass surgeons to love and here's some of the experiments that I've done, and then we're gonna talk about different estrogen levels. So I've done zero estrogen before, So I have experienced all these side effects of zero estrogen. I've also had forty four times the normal amount of estrogen in my body, the highest estrogen rating I've ever seen on blood work. And I seen a lot of bodybuilders. Bloodwork was my blood worked when I was doing experience. I'm really high dosages of things without taking from him. And I've also done some cycles where I let my estrogen drop really low to see how much most like in game and what's most notable and what made me realize how important estrogen wass When I was on a storm cycle, I was doing pretty good. I was looking lean and shredded. People would've thought I was on Winstrol on an Ivar. My strength was pretty good, but I thought, you know what my estrogen is low on? I feel like I'm plateau a little bit. What happens if I take birth control pills? So I take birth, took birth control pills, and I filled out and I started gaining muscle quickly again. Then I also tried on this arm cycle when I had crashed my acid into Oh, Beyonce are inside very long. Um, Then I also took a D ball and some other gear that that converted into estrogen, and I noticed instantly muscle gains picked up big time, like the stars by themselves were great, but this arm's plus the estrogen was magical, which is why I'm not recommending you guys do this. But which is why, like running a T R T testosterone along with SAR mes to me is the ultimate combination of balancing health performance. Fullness looking good all year round, and that's what I do. I usually run a testosterone base with storms on top like that is this approach. So let's look at the estrogen range. So the average estrogen we had to look up online, what average waas was twenty seven depends on the age also, So I may hear something a little bit lower than the average, and something will higher than the average, because if were a bodybuilding, sure, being at the average level of estrogen is okay, that's fine. But if we're trying to get shredded, that estrogen is gonna make us hold a little bit of water, and it's also going to make it a little bit harder to burn fat, even at the average level. So dropping a little bit below average should and everybody is different every every, you know. So someone might need Mohr less than this, but dropping it below average. But still, you know, not too low. Not zero should still give us a lot of these health benefits, but still allow us to have some of the benefits of having lower estrogen like less water retention and making it a lot easier to burn fat on the other extreme will go higher in estrogen. Then we might be able to build more muscle. Well, I might have mohr hormones to be ableto combined with insulin growth hormone to create more muscle building. Jeff. We might be able to volume eyes the muscles more way might get become stronger. And what I've noticed is when I'm looking at professional bodybuilders, blood work's Tony huge labs, I'm noticing some of these pro bodybuilders when they're bulking there. Estrogen levels are extremely high, and I think that's one of the factors and how successful a body builders bulk is or how big these guys can get. I think the estrogen level has to go really high was just my experience and also when they the few cycles that I've done, had absolute magical muscle games. And one of them was when I left. My estrogen go forty four times above normal and I was gaining a pound of lean body mass every single day. Water also counsels. Yeah, I didn't even know that about the high estrogen. That is news to me, Doctor. You said that, you know, is having an abundance of estrogen holding that puffy look. While it might be unhealthy, you, Khun, gain substantial amounts of muscle. I don't know if I'Ll give that a shot just because the health reasons, but okay, so for the soap for the enhanced athlete, it's always a balancing act because we're taking things that convert to estrogen like testosterone, the animal off the other gear that converse estrogen. And so we want we want to balance it if we're taking less than just normally speaking. If we're taking less than three hundred milligrams per week of testosterone, were not normally using an aroma Tae's inhibitor and that will our estrogen to go up in the booking range. If we were to use an aroma tease inhibitor on three million testosterone, then we be right here in this room. Another, another critical thing about estrogen actually is, um, we run into the problems like acne or like muscle loss or terrible fat gain or weakness when the estrogen and testosterone are out of balance. It's so if we want to gain maximum muscle or burned maximal fat are testosterone always has to be much higher than our estrogen. So the higher our testosterone goes, the more we can afford for our estrogen to go higher. So if we have, if we're have just normal testosterone But we start getting our estrogen up here, we're gonna destroy our fizzy. The key is, if we're going really high on the estrogen, we also have to be really high on the mail, androgens and anabolic so that we have to keep that ratio in mind. And that's a whole We could talk for hours about keeping that ratio on What happens I'Ll just give you one last example is when people do a pct after their cycle. Alright, what? What happens? What happens if someone does a stare a steroid cycle and crashes their testosterone and they don't do piece into what happened? Akash, what happens? Your clients If they do that, if they don't do any pct, they will develop guy no depression. Low testosterone hole, myrie Adam Side effects. Not know, boy pretty much destroyed their whole life. Destroy your soil acne everywhere, and it's it's not because they're testosterone is low so much as their estrogen is too high in relation to their testosterone. So you have to keep him in relation to each other. And I don't know howto I don't know how to explain all the different possible circumstances on ways to approach other than spending hours to do it. So maybe in the future, we'LL just do another video where we take specific examples or specific questions, or I'll post on the instagram story where people can ask questions about estrogen and bodybuilding. Get more specific on So what you're saying there's a ratio of estrogen's Call it right here. Testosterone states right here always is. Male social is gonna be higher. Let's not put a number to this, but what you're saying is when one has an estrogen that, let's say, comes up here best. Make sure that testosterone equally still maintains that ratio of testosterone to estrogen at all times. And then as long as his ratio has maintained, then getting the estrogen upto higher amounts results in rabbit muscle. Exactly. There it is. There's the secret to body building and estrogen be swollen school friends of freedom pioneers, Human evolution.

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This has been well known for decades before the /AI craz of late 90’s where ancillary webs were everywhere nd forums had newbies scared of running anything without their sponsors ancillary as it were..

Great and accurate info. lesp like to explain to the public ie. hear more about this internal edema which When it comes to the heart (one organ I can think of now which lives incased, as does the brain, & lungs) when it happens slowly sx had be noticed very late…

physical exam by a excellently trained Meddoc plus Bbloodwork are both key early dx tools..