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Welcome back to our ex muscles live with I'm your host, a plum bow. And today's guest is an old friend to the show and we are going to get a nice update on what's going on with him. And he's been missing in action for a couple of months. And the man I'm talking about, of course, is Dr Tony huge with the syringe in his mouth. That's a syringe panda, right? Yeah, It's either behind my ear or thin my mouth like a cigar, so I can, you know, fly my character. You're only grand, you know. Steve Aholic, Mr. America usedto have ah, syringe signing pen back in the day it Mr America's Jim on Long Island. I never trained there, but all my older bodybuilding friends used to go there, and they said, You know, you have to sign in with syringe pain. You know, when you go into a gym with a syringe pen urine for, ah, hardcourt environment there, right? Oh, yeah. Absolutely. Any time you see syringes near a gym, you know that's a real That's a hard core place train, right? Don't you own a gym somewhere? It's what don't you own and Jim somewhere in the Philippines. Yeah. Yeah, that was in the Philippines, In Asia. And then also What? In Sacramento? Yeah. You still got it? No, no, no. Dis dismantle the Phillipines won and the United States one. Why is that? So now I'm training it like twenty four hour fitness. I wound stuff. I'm surprised they let you in. What? Why'd you get rid of the gym's? The one in Sacramento was part of the old supplement manufacturing warehouse. The warehouse moved to actually a larger warehouse, Right. And there was no, like, second warehouse toe. Build the gym in now and then. Yeah, and then the one in Philippines dismantled enhanced athlete Asia in favor of enhanced athlete Europe. So now there's a new European enhanced athlete manufacturing distributor. Oh, do you have a chimney? Yeah. No, no. Jim there. But actually, that's a good idea. I didn't even think about that. I just Probably when I go there because in Amsterdam, so probably when I go there, then that would be a cool place to have a gym. I've been the Amsterdam before. As far as Europe goes, it's, uh if I go back to Europe, Amsterdam's a place I'm gonna go back to. Well, Amsterdam's good drugs illegal. They're pretty much yeah. And when I went there last time, I really wasn't into. I definitely wasn't into cannabis. I was super anti marijuana on I was paranoid of psychedelics. And right now I'm actually on mushrooms right now. Yeah. Now, the last time we spoke, I think it was at the Olympia. You said to us that you were going to be doing small amounts of psychedelic type compounds to see on regular basis for mood enhancement. Yeah, yeah. So I've haven't done a lot of experience with it, but ah, you know, little experiments tryingto find tune the dosage and what gives me the new Tropic benefit I'm looking for. I'm looking for more of a natural type effect and then also an effect to open up my mind so I can relearn instead of passing judgment on things, using old knowledge. So it helps with everything with learning. You do know what? How do you feel? Give us an example, like right now. How do you feel doing this interview? I feel more calm and more focused than I would otherwise I have a d d I wouldn't say it the disorder, but it's, you know, a lot of thoughts come and go. I'm a creative type person, despite having a lawyer background, which is more of an analytical profession. Eso as a creative, which is great, being open minded and letting fighters flow through, but could be overwhelming. Sometimes I just need to narrow that focus like a laser beam, which is some liken Adderall or, uh, psychedelic mushrooms accomplishes that. You want a mushroom right now? Yeah. Yeah, just coming down off a micro dose. So I still feel it a little bit. Yes. You know what? I know this different types of mushrooms, and I went to Amsterdam, as they call them the philosophical mushrooms. And they have the ones that are supposed to give you more of a euphoric effect. And they have ones that arm or I guess, a calming one. Which ones you taking? Well, because mushrooms are hard to get your hands on its whatever I could get my hands on. And when you say you're taking micro doses of it like how much is that? Like Graham edgewise. I posted a picture of it on my instagram story today, but it was, you know, it's probably, like three hundred milligrams and because it's, you know, it's the site, but they're all different. They could be all different concentrations. And I do have access to underground and also have access to pharmaceutical grown mushrooms as well. Right? But this one was an underground mushroom, and it's about its, You know, the head of the mushroom was like that flat, and I ate the head of the mushroom. Now, normally, someone like you, I would think that you would grow your own mushrooms at this point. Uh, that Yeah, I not in America. So not another three. Absolutely. I would have been there. Yes. Was that something that you'd be? I mean, is there a different way? Still, like, cross pollinate these things and make your own variety, so to speak? Yeah. So I do have friends in the mushroom growing industry, and then the pharmaceutical side. I should have known. And I could actually I will actually get the recipe instruct protocol for growing those Thank you. Eye on them. That's kind of like asking me why don't make my own steroids. Well, actually right behind me is a lab for making steroids. I do not make steroids in that lab, but it is set up to make steroids and other things. Well, why did you set up a lab in Sacramento to make steroids if you don't make them to make injectable s arms? Okay, that czar storms still technically legal. Yes. Legal to possess, legal to use, not legal to sell for human consumption. Making medical claims. Got you. OK, there's those enhanced athlete have storms available. Not in the U. S. But international. Yes. Now what's going on with the come and give us an update on the cos I know there was some legal ish issues. I know your CEO is is in jail. Currently for DNP. What would give us the whole story about where that's going, gone, Tio? He's pled guilty to selling DNP and he gets three years, but he's already served From what I understand, I'm not a criminal defense lawyer. I was a bankruptcy and financial lawyer. He gets three years in prison, but he's already. By the time the hearing finalizing the sentencing, he will have already served a year and a half in county, which I think counts towards double time. So it's already going to be time served. He should be out of this summer. Okay, now, was that a mistake? Look, in hindsight for enhanced athlete to sell the MP. Well, yeah, yeah, but it actually was political motivations behind everything were political, so it and no one was harmed also. So a mistake? I don't know. I think he was a big victory and opening up people's mind. I think you've got a lot more people using DNP safely because I'm nothing using d MPs safe. But using it with the right knowledge is safe. And I think what I gave a lot more of was the knowledge your morning through the freedom of speech and freedom to do what you want to do that that's really what you promote. You don't necessary promote drug use you just promote. Hey, if you want to do this, that you should be able to do it right. And I think the knowledge of DNP went way up and I think the deaths of DNP went way down. The problem for as DNP was still accessible, but people didn't have the knowledge and the protocols to use it because everybody just says, Don't use it. It'Ll kill you which a lot of people say. Oh, that sounds good. I want to try that. But then they don't have the information on how to use it. So you're not a wanted man anymore. You're you're the government doesn't want to arrest you or anything like that. I'm just being watched very closely. Have to be very careful what I do. Everything I do either get censored or Roy reported somewhere, or I hear through the grapevine that certain organisations are watching me. So I'm what I'm publishing on content, you know, like for example, normally I would have a real syringe in my mouth now using a syringe pen camera instead. So my instagram, I get as hardcore as I can on Instagram. I get this hardcore as I can on Facebook on YouTube, but most of stuff I have to put on anabolic tv dot com. That's where I can actually put the hard core stuff. Everything else is pretty heavily censored. Got Does that bother you that you're being censored so much that you're being watched? It does because, you know, growing up in America and American Dream and feeling of freedom. And now, knowing what I know about supplement industry and pretty much ended any industry and who controls it and the motivation behind it and the illusion of democracy. You know, once you most people, if they just live in the little box that's given to them they'LL never experience a lack of freedom. But once you try to get outside of that box and realize that this box is actually like a jail cell and you get out of it, they will put you in a jail cell, right? And it comes to anything even the way you move your money. I established a lot of wealth before. Even the way you move your money around everything is is washing. If you do anything outside the box, then they were going to put you in a box. So, yeah, I don't feel free in America. That's why I like travelling now. When you when you drive around, do people follow you? I mean, is it that bad? Or is it just like they're watching your your you electronically, You know? No, nobody's following me. It's Elektronik, Lee and some other things to that. There's a lot of things like I don't want to say now because then they'Ll know that I know what they know. But some, maybe two years from now, after some more statute of limitations expire, well, I will explain what I know what was going on. But let's talk about this documentary. The generation I made about you, uh, had that come about and why did you agree to do it? So it's quite a while ago that generation and reached out to me and said that they had a huge demand from the public wanting to know Maur want them to cover me more. So then they looked into it and they wanted to know the behind the scenes they want to know is Tony huge and act or is this really liked the lifestyle behind the scenes? So they had the videographer follow me around, and they weren't sure what they were going to do with it. They weren't sure where they're going to make like, a little miniseries or a full length movie or what? Yeah, And then once they got all the content together like, Wow, this is enough for multiple movie struggled with it. They're like, How do we? There's so many different themes and directions. We could go with movies on your content. Where do we go with it? And actually, I didn't even know what direction they went to until I just watched the screener recently. When it comes out on March eighth on Friday, right? And I just saw it and I was afraid out. Not afraid, But I was like concern, like, how are they going to portray me out of out of, you know, so many hours of footage? You know, hundreds and hundreds of hours of footage that was taken, What did they choose to want to show? And I think they put me in a good light. But they also had an antagonised. So if I'm the main character, I'm the protagonist. The antagonised taking an opposite point of view is Dr O'Connor. So my point of view is pro steroids. Dr. O'Connor's point of view for movie purposes with anti steroids start, even though he's not anti stare in real life right on, and he was using examples of extreme you know, you take like Dallas Carter McCarver rich beyond a type situations like the most extreme steroid examples or pro bodybuilders and then relating that to other users of steroids. So I think it's important to understand that most people are not using the level of compounds that some of these guys have to use the size they are at the competitive level. They are. You're what I call you, and this is not a negative or are slap on your face. You're a dabbler. You try to do a little of everything to experience and so that you can then relay the experience of people because obviously you're not walking around three hundred pounds. Obviously, you don't look healthy to me. You know, you're you're a dabbler and your you'LL try anything. And I think it's more for the shock value you like to give out to people and to just see what it was like. My pretty accurate It's exactly right. In fact, you and I are this dichotomy because you found out a long time ago what works and you're like, stick to what works we've proven for last twenty something years. This works. This is the protocol. And what I do is I'm like, Okay, I believe you, Dave. You. I've seen all your athletes. I see scene, you write what you do works, but I I don't want to stop there. I know what I know. What works in a lot of different things in life. I want to experiment and I want to see what things we can push farther. And sometimes I find something better. And sometimes I find something worse and it's trial and error. It's a painful process that most people should not go through. Most people can't afford financially to go through. Most people are not willing to risk their life like I am. Most people don't have access to laboratories and testing or the compounds that I have access to. So somebody's got to do these experiments. And obviously a professional bodybuilder can't risk their career on doing these experiments like you, you wouldn't tell one of your athletes. Oh, go try this steroid We've never heard of and run that for your competition, and this happens. I know you want to stick with what you know is willing to work well, so I'm the one who goes out there and tries the stuff that we're not sure if it works or not finds out the reports. My findings, right? So what? What What's been? Well, I guess the documentary as men relation with What is your What do you think the feedback is going to be when this thing is released on Friday? I think the main thing people are going to say because I see a lot of the comments is Oh my gosh, Tony, you'd uses so much steroids And yet he looks like he's natty. Well, for one thing, I definitely don't. I definitely don't look, Nati. Now, in fact, it's it's really hard to find anybody in the greater Sacramento area, you know, out of hundreds of thousands or million people that look like I do. So I definitely don't look Nati. But I also don't look like a three hundred pound mass monster now, and and you don't see them and how much steroids they take. But you do see, because I'm brutally honest and I do everything on camera, you do see what I take. And so there's this disconnect like, how come Tony you just showing how much he's taking all these different steroids? And yet he's not amass monster, and it's because I'm experimenting. Something's work. Some things don't. I'm not always blasting steroids. I'm not using as much as people think. And then I'm also not trying to optimize it for becoming a mass monster. I'm experimenting to find what works when I switched to another compound and see if that works. But I have enough tools in my chest where I could become a mass monster at this point. Is that something that interests you or not? No. I've heard you talk enough about how miserable it is to be the size that you were. I've got enough friends that have been that size, you know, like Craig Elias is a great example of, you know, three hundred fifty pound mass monster, right? And I myself in, like, two twenty five at nine percent body fat, which is like a far bigger than you could be a classic physique. I'd have to be one ninety eight, right? So think about it. I would actually have to lose, like, ten pounds of muscle. It t even competing classic physique. So I'm already too big for that now. If I gain another ten pounds, then I get to the point where the muscle starts, You know, compressing on the makes it harder to breathe, Don't have sleep apnea And then I'll be winded when I walk upstairs, which I already am cardio. But don't you don't you try to put my sign and look good So you can you congar toe you know the Philippines and have sex with a lot of women? Pretty much, Yeah, it's a lifestyle. It's me liking to be worship, So I want to get and this is actually what I'm struggling with. So, Dave, I have a question for you that would help me is that I already have one of the best physics in in my city and heart. Find anybody locally to fire. I can't I can't go way out of my way and try to schedule a work out you know, once a while and find like we do have a few pro bodybuilders here, but it's it's not someone I would see every day. So I don't feel like if I go to if I go down to the gym and, uh, in L. A Gold's Venice, you know where I goto Francis or something like that, I will find the inspiration, but what you do or what do you recommend for me. Besides flipping through Instagram, looking at pictures of, you know, the art of galactic competition? How don't stay inspired when I'm so far above everyone around here, it feels like it's pulling me down. I don't have anybody pulling up, But why you living in Sacramento? First of all, what's the reason for that one? Just move. You got money. That's that's a good point on, I think I think most people should when they outgrow their environment. If they want to grow, they need to move to a bigger environ. Venice. What are you going in the Venice gold's area? That would be right up your alley down there. Yeah, I need to my daughters here and my daughters. You know, Baby Mama is doing her internship to get your medical license. I don't know what type of medical license, but she's getting some sort of medical lightens that requires her to be here for an internship. So I'm here for Baby Callie for this period of time, and then I'LL come back to the Philippines. In and months, we've got a new baby coming, right? Yeah, New baby's gonna be born in the Philippines and in just over a month, wound with a girl that I met in the Philippines who does speak English even better, right? You know, I met her. I met her in a car and working. And, uh, I was for customers. Owe my a lot a lot of experience. I'll tell you, Dave, she knows how to treat a man. Now, when you have a child with the with the working girl that just are you removing him from the streets now and then you're gonna make her, you know, like like the mother of your child and what's goes on at that point. So I tried it with a previous working girl, and she's back to work. This is, you know, drinking every night and banging a bunch of guys tonight. So wait, we had an abortion because I was like, I didn't want, you know, on her to be drinking and thinking about you guys. And she It took her a long time to know that she was pregnant. She was kind of, uh, ignorant to the to the signs of pregnancy. I guess you thought she kept saying I'm getting fat and getting fatter. Need to drink less and then home girlie, she finds out she's pregnant. And then I went back and I try. And then we got a kingdom. We decided, okay? She's gonna quit her job. I'm going to try to get her pregnant again. And she didn't get pregnant. So then I went to the Philippines. I met this girl and this girl, huh? It was very like you could tell that she just wanted a relationship. She's right. She did this job to make money, to support her entire extended family because, ah, hooker, hooker in Asia, it might not cost us a lot, but they make a lot of money. I mean, she's supporting a family of, like, eight Ralph of just that job. And then and then she decided one day I'm done supporting the entire family. I'm ready to settle down myself. And then she had a couple boyfriends that didn't work out. And then I met her. So it's good timing, and she would go back to the bar as a way of hoping to meet her future husband. That doesn't The whole hooker thing doesn't bother you like you know having a relationship with, you know, it's one thing to have, you know, hang out with them. It's another thing making them the mother of your children, you know? Yeah. So there's a number one. I appreciate it because it forces you to do to practice that unconditional love. So this is something that traditionally we would we would criticize someone for, get in a fight and say, Oh, you're a hooker, whatever. But instead, I love and embrace it, and through that I love her even deeper for it. Number two is her experience. She's obviously been with you Can't even imagine I have fully STD tested and thorough. Yeah, but so she's very experience. Who knows exactly how to treat me and she's got it out of her system. I mean, this is a good with never cheat because, like she has had enough sex for, like, high hopes out. I also is this the girl was seeing in the pictures that you sent us. I don't know which ones you got songs hung the tongue kiss on one. She should have been the documentary, but it was naked in the shower, and I just kind of blood censor her nipples. But she's naked in the shower, in the video, at the movie. And then my brother watched the movie and then he was like, Oh, we got a sense. There's some of the stuff in this movie. It's too hard. No, that's That's the point. This is supposed to be like the most hardcore bodybuilding movie it's supposed to have. You know, girls, naked girls and injections and steroids s o. I'm hated the lady boys in here too, You know, there are. There are lady boys in it, but you can't tell which one's the ladyboy. Watched the video and see if you can see what tell which one's our lady boys. Now, do you think this is going to be hit this movie the I mean you sorted, obviously. Is it Is it something that people going to go crazy and have to watch? I think the enhanced athlete, Tony, huge fans, they're going to be like, Yeah, Frito, that's right. Pled the fifth. He didn't give him any information. He picked her ass stuff like that. And I think other people are going to be like, Oh, this is bad. This is promoting And now everybody's gonna want ever. Every kid is going to think steroids or cool now, yeah, you know, So it's going to be it's going to definitely create some sort of emotional response and whoever watches that, I think And do you think this is going to maybe make the authorities? The feds were like, more angry at you, and you're willing to try to find something to get you for after this? Well, this is, I don't know, because I was thinking The problem is I was playing. You know, I've been YouTube and the Instagram and the Facebook and all these things. And then I'm thinking, if I go mainstream, I actually might get censored less like if I have published movies. And so I want to do a reality show and generates land. Might want to do the Syria like a reality show. Siri's on. So So My goal is that I hope this generates enough interest that people won't seymour of behind the scenes because there's so much you can't fit it all into one hour. I mean, every day of my life is is kind of out of the ordinary that people I think would be interested to see. I think what's interesting about it is that it's not an act like that. It's scary, but it's true. I mean, this is really who you are. You're not. You're not trying to super sensationalize who you are. You pretty much this is the life that you live on a regular basis, right? Yeah, that's right. So it's really easy for me just I love being on camera. So just someone follow me around with a camera. I'll just do what I do and it will make good content. People will learn a lot because I've learned a lot, especially about body ability and enhancement that I use on myself that I think a lot of people still don't know about. And it's kind of tedious to try to teach every daddy every little thing that I do. But if they could just watch it on a daily basis, do women get mad? You like, and think that you're like a selfish, egotistical, you know, not case, I mean, because, you know, a lot of women don't like what you're doing and what you're portraying. I'm sure the main type of woman that doesn't like what I do is the women of guys that are my friends, that who are afraid that I'm going to convince the guy what cheat on their girlfriends. So I don't cheat. I don't cheat. I'm honest about it. For the most part and obvious they have to be. It's on camera or anybody. I knew who I was with whatever, but then the funny thing is I have females that air fans that come up to me and just find it really entertaining and and almost refreshing the honesty because a lot of women they get, they get lion to a lot, and they and I think someone is different. Some women prefer brutal honesty, and women prefer the romantic idea of Cinderella that the brook watching is a child and that's definitely know has no place in my life. And I'm certainly not all right. So the movie is called enhanced. Its going to debut this Friday could be a Netflix. It's ah well, it's on Amazon Prime and iTunes. It's like you search it online all over the place, okay? And is it so It's just it's like you can watch if you have Amazon prime. I guess I could just watch it right on my apple TV box. Probably. Yeah, I think so. I also David had a question for you that would ask. Other people also get some opinions I just started. Remember, I primarily run, starves right on experiments with storms, experimental steroids off growth hormone in England. Everything else, uh, tides. I didn't eat. I just started here Q again about, let's say, a week and a half ago and I was planning to do six hundred milligrams per week. Front loaded a little bit. So now about one weekend I started getting. My anxiety got really bad, and it's hard to sleep, and I don't know if it's from that or if it's from something else that I've heard. Mother People say that Q has some mental effects. It's it's one of the Syrians have experimented with the leak because it's such a long Esther. I prefer not to use long Esther's right. What do you I don't think after a week you getting anxiety from Echo boys. You know, it seems like because it does take a long time to kick it. I I don't imagine I saw. I think sometimes when people start with very high dosages of stuff, they their body's immune system, goes crazy a little bit. And, you know, back in the day we used to pyramid up so you'd start lower and then you build up and people didn't care about getting immediate response. So the guy's loads to so much stuff up initially that first week, Thank you. Oh my God, I got to get the stuff working immediately that their immune system goes nuts, it's and hyper response. It sees this. Drugs is a farm body. You get these foreign body reactions, and I think that creates anxiety and people. Usually you could tell if that's the case, you take two Tylenol, and if that feeling goes away that because it's a prostate gland in response, usually that's that's the reason it's usually not the drug. It's actually how the immune system is responding to the drug, and it doesn't have a thing to really do with the fact that second poise, it's just that there's a ll this far in substance in the body that divided doesn't know how to handle, you know? Okay, cool very least I'LL try the Tylenol experiment I'LL give it a little more time and if I still feel like I'm just just takes a more psychic down with mushrooms. Yeah, that's why I took it today, too. I was like, I'm going to start cycling through different things that you could get me more focused that's distracted and less aggressive. It was double the psychedelic you've used. What have you liked? The best of psychedelics that I remember. I've only done the mushrooms because I haven't done d empty. I'm still waiting for someone to get me D m t and Iowa Skye don't plan on doing soon. That sounds like I said. It's kind of felt a little when I the first time I didn't mushrooms, I did such a megadose, such an overdose that I had a d m t I Alaska type experience. How you did, which was enough that I don't plan on doing that again. So I'm not ready for that. Yeah, that that that's a journey. That's not really a fun thing. You know, people don't realize, so we'LL stick with the mushrooms awhile until I master it, or until I get GMT I will start lower dosages, MTs. And when they get there, What about LSD? Would you ever do that? Okay, I got it last E and I didn't. I think it was to uphold it. Lost its potency or something because it looked legit. It was supposed to be a legit source, but felt the same. I do feel like producing mushroom. There wasn't anything special because I don't think it's us. Got you. So that's all the one you need to work work on. And by the way, these things were things. I was the most afraid ever. I'm afraid of doing steroids for the first time too. Sure, but nothing aired My fear of psychedelics, the fear of losing control of your mind is really scary. But then, uh, after I did plenty of research, I broke the own taboo in my mind, which is challenging myself to break my own taboos and change my own perspectives, which what I try to do for other people is help them break their taboos. And then here I am, have my own taboos. Well, Tony, I'm glad everything's going well for you. I'm glad you're alive. Back in the United States. And I'm glad that you're out of jail and you're not in jail or anything Kind of legal wise. Just watch, Big Brother, I'm sure, is always watching you And good luck with the release of this movie And hopefully we'LL see a lot more of you and future episodes. Maybe they'll even give you a re your own reality show. You never know. Oh, so did I. Thank you. And always thanks for all the kind words you'LL say about me because I have a lot of people to come up to me. It shows they're always like Tony. Huge always says great things about you, and he reads a real big, you know, believer in you and supporter. And that means a lot to say. I do appreciate that. Well, you're welcome. And I appreciate you this. All right. And, uh, guys, he's Dr Tony. Huge. The documentaries called Enhanced. It will be out this Friday checkout, Amazon prime, iTunes and all the places you normally find these things and check it out for now. Don't date Columbo for another installment of Live With Catch You next time. It's not that I'm intending on competing in bodybuilding when I'm saying gold, but I want to look a lot like Boston. Appreciated and good luck with the release. I'm looking forward to watching it. All right, let's end up watching it will. Definitely. Well, thanks to you. Yeah. Oh, that's all I could handle. Oh, that hurt I Now I see why you don't inject him to assist. We just look at it logically. Steroids or just like any other drug that if they're used properly, they can enhance the quality of our life. And if they're abused or used improperly, then they take away from our quality of life. So there's definitely a huge emotional taboo that doesn't have a place in logic. The top pro bodybuilders are men that can have the genetics have the will the train hard and live that discipline and respond to steroids and tolerate steroids without crashing at least early enough because they could take it. Their bodies are incredible, but they won't take it for long. They won't take over long. They'Ll come into me with heart failure and kidney disease. They all side effects the mohr you ramp up and change the more side effects come and then it becomes man per manner that it becomes, how much can you tolerate? And then it becomes what other drugs did. See what happened sooner later is you get into what's called Poly Pharmacy. Many medicines, a drug for a drug for a drug.

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