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What? What is? Let's hear. What's one of the quote unquote crazier things that you've done? So I always do it in terms of short experiments like I've never I don't think I've ever done like a normal three month cycle where I do the same dosage of the same compounds through and through. It's always, uh, because I want to run too many different experiments. Don't have enough time in my lifetime to run them all. If I do long cycle. So I use short esters. I have tried megadose ings arms. I mean, uh, Well, yeah, that's an extreme experiment, but I've had have done megadose ing steroids and I've tried, let's say, like, two grams of Tasked and a gram a Tran and grandma friend. How long do you do that for? Uh, when I did a gram, a trend that was for a competition and I just did it for thirty days, the last month for the competition, and I I did. I did know I don't like the feeling of being on really high dose of steroids. I just feel ill. Yes, me too. Especially trend really on a high dose. Really? I found it screws up my emotions a lot. Yeah, and I just lose weight like I can't eat enough like I don't know where the food goes but doesn't necessarily build more muscle. But I just actually look flat and like, week. It's like has the opposite effect at a certain point, so definitely seemed to be a sweet spot and also depends on the compound. But I'm super sensitive to Tran. I don't experiment with Trent very much anymore because it just I don't get many side effects at all from most steroids. Most arms. But Trent is one that I do get a lot of side effects from. You know, I loved trend when I was competing. It was probably my go to for like, the last six to eight weeks before my shows. I always incorporated. Trend would notice it immediately how much harder and stronger I would get. And as an adult, I tried to run some some trend. Last year, I had a photo shoot set up around the time of the Olympia, and about thirty days before the shoot, I added some in and I made it about three weeks, and I didn't know it was wrong with me, But I just felt so lethargic on DH. I was having horrible night sweats and so I talked to the doctor and he was like, It's got to be the trend was like, just just get off. And I was like, Man, I used to use this all the time when I was competing, and he was like, Look, you're not an old man, but, you know, you're older now. Things are gonna get you differently, and I'll just stick to stick to what you're doing. So I decided, actually about about a month ago Ah, that I wanted to run this little mini blast cycle protocols. So I wanted to do basically What I did was I did ten days of did ten days where I did a CC of testosterone symphony every day. And then I did ten days of nandrolone final appropriate, once you see every day. And then I did ten days of prima bowl and once you see every day and then the final ten days was the trend face or really was only doing each each compound for ten days. When I was doing C. C. Every day, well, I had actually pretty impressive results happened during that. I hadn't part of it also says they haven't run anything arrested like that in years, and I figured it was a good time to do it all. My blood looked great about five days into the trend. I got really bad insomnia. I felt very hot and tired all the time, and I noticed that. And I kind of noticed this last time, too. But I would be, you know, just driving to the gym and just start getting very angry out of no. One. I didn't know why you would be with my girlfriend, and she's like, Okay, and I'm like, I'm just in a really bad mood. It's nothing to do with you. I don't know why. And on the flip side, Adam, nowhere. I will just start getting really depressed and down where I didn't want to talk to anybody. And she actually noticed the two issues like you seem really depressed. And on Day seven I opted to not I was like, Let's just abandon this little this little protocol that I wanted to try, and about forty eight hours later I was back to normal, and so now. I mean, if I didn't learn for the first time, stupidly, I know that I trained just doesn't agree with me anymore at all. Yep, same side effects here. Yeah, that's why I just it just by bodybuilder increase the quality of my life and trend just decreased. No, that's a great, great line. That's really just it's, you know, it's funny because because it's got this name like everybody knows trend, you know, And it's supposed to be the end all be all, but it's just the risks for me now. And for many people, I have found out now through my human A that this happens to many, many people and maybe when I was young, I was just so focused on my bodybuilding shows and I had far less going on, you know, with far less responsibilities. So maybe maybe I was just tired and driven on my on my workouts and didn't notice it. But boy, I notice that a lot now. So well, that's what I noticed. The bodybuilders. That air just focused on the body building on Lee, and they don't have a lot of stress is or complicated life. They seem to road work really well with trans commonality.

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