Two reasons why you would take insulin for bodybuilding | Coach Trevor and Dr Tony Huge

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Insulin diaries for bodybuilders. Jewel. I'm Dr Huge and this is Coach Trevor. And he's gonna give me some opinions on using insulin for maximum muscle growth because more I'm experiencing these mass monsters and body building. One of the tricks that they use is going higher dosage on the insulin Coast River. In designing my insulin protocol that I'm an experiment with next week, I was thinking about starting with ten units of insulin in the morning with a big breakfast and ten units of insulin post workout with a big post workout meal. What do you think? Well, why are you doing it? To see if I get huge and one or two weeks So you're going to play with the most deadly hormone bodybuilders play with and just picking doses. Ten. Did you look into the dozing? At least first? Well, let's get That's where your advice comes in. What do you two reasons why you would take insulin and bodybuilding? You do it this way. Toe overload. Glycogen. That's the big look you're talking about or you take it and couldn't could. We went with growth hormones. You do it this way. You bring the dose now. Maximized idea. Hi, Jeff is what? Actually building muscle insulin is a fake look until he gives you a balloon. So ten units. Why would you do that in the morning? I'm asking you because I was going to eat a big car breakfast, and I figured I need to lead a lot of carbohydrates with it. And I don't want to take it a night because I don't want to go hyper guy screaming in my sleep. So I'm trying to figure out if I wanted to do two shots and I'm gonna use noble and are OK, then, whether I should use that earlier in the day, so I don't not gonna be on insulin. We go sleep. So first you want to take it with your growth because you don't want to spill over here. Their insulin. It's easily easy to spill over within. So especially at ten units with insolent. You want to start lower because with a lower amount, If you have good insulin sensitivity, you could get away with the same thing. If you started at ten, then you're gonna have to go to twelve. Fifteen, and then your insulin sensitivity is destroyed. Now you ruin your growth hormone. So take a low dose with your growth hormone and take it when you wanna load the glycogen because you first thing in the morning, you should be full from the day before. That's how it should be. You might be a little bit, but you don't need to overload with insulin. When do you want it? The most will be post training. Then you would put the insolent like that. What about using it more frequently instead of the higher doses lower dose? Because in your ideas, higher. If you're taking with both, you do it this way. Not only do you increase idea levels, but almost twenty four hours more. Is it in your body? Systemic. So doing it that way builds the actual muscle, doing it the other way. You were you were going to do it was going to get you fat. So do it that way on Lee. Take it on a higher dose post training to refill glycogen and then super compensate. Okay,

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very smart approach, coach Trevor rocks!

Alex Paydar

I agree with Trevor’s approach. Its the same approach Ameen takes. That said have you guys ran an IGF blood test before and after adding Slin, to see how much the IGF levels increased? if so, can you discuss it.


Where to start, I’ve known you two for 2yrs this summer, when the classic Trevor “anabolic matrix” was posted on YouTube..and I finally heard a gym guy for the first time know Med biochem etc. well …. a lil girl,MD Professorship (um 28yo, my colleagues are 60+; highest gpa in 35yrs + infant..hence the job) and divorce beginnings later from a super model… most vids are gone but atleast since moving in my own little apt..I’ve decided to return – after 14-15yrs since touching a weight!

10iu slin bc that’s the # even in 2002 was the ‘start dose’ Trevor. Asa I open my eyes to kill cortisol and start balancing the equation make a 8once BCAA, crea, glut few etc.. then half hr later a hydrolysis whey begins as does work !

Most have to work 16hrs a day to help
People and get laid..
Talks soon,