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The eighth wonder of the world on social media. How do I eat foods like this and maintain this body composition and health? I'm not huge bio hacking and body building, pioneer. And today I'm gonna answer your questions about slim pills. This's amazing because I designed it because there was nothing else like it on the market that specifically shuttled nutrients into the muscle cells. So there were other products on the market that helped get rid of glucose in the body. They lower blood sugar. They have you pee out the sugar or not digest the sugar or blocked the sugar from being absorbed into the body, which has a lot of health and longevity benefits. But me, as an athlete, I didn't want to just walk the sugar. I still want to the sugar in my body, but I wanted it in my muscles, and that was the difference. And that's why athletes take this. They notice a huge difference in the amount of glycogen amount of sugar they uptake into their muscles, which then for translated better performance and lower body fat versus the other products that were causing people just to lose the glucose and then causing their muscles to be flat. I was emphasizing athletic performance and yet it turned out that this was very appealing to the mainstream because people felt better on it, so people who were taking other prescription drugs or other supplements that were meant to lower their blood sugar. All it did was flush the sugar out of their body. They didn't get that feeling of well being. When the muscles up take four of the sugar. That's what I was going for. And that's what the slimming pills accomplished. Top three reasons that I use slimming pills in the benefits that it has one to build muscle to burn fat and three for health longevity. So to build muscle, I want more carbohydrates in Mosul carbohydrates. Bring with it water, which helps ball you. Mai's the muscle and more carbohydrates, and the muscle also means better performance to fat loss. When I lower my blood sugar levels and lower the amount of insulin that my body has to produce, then my fat loss goes up. Then I can access my stored body fat for fuel. Number three. Health and longevity, The number one health problem in America and my opinion is people's blood sugar is too high and they're producing too much insulin by bringing the blood sugar level down and bringing down the amount of insulin that the body has to produce to clear that blood sugar. We therefore help prevent diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and just overall toxicity, because the number one toxic thing that we're facing is elevated blood sugar levels. And this helps lower those who benefits the most from slim bills. Why designed it for body builders and for athletes? But really anybody that would benefit from lower blood sugar levels or greater uptake of glycogen and sugar into the muscles will benefit from it, which means pretty much everybody in America. So I give this to all of my friends whether they work out or not, especially my parents, to protect their health. Now I take this pills and I test my blood sugar. I pricked my finger with a diabetes blood glucose monitor, and I can see that if I don't take the slimming pills, my blood sugar after meal will spike up and they'LL stay elevated and it comes down very slowly. And there's a lot of time that my blood sugar's in a toxic level, even though I have a very healthy system. This helps prevent that spite and start shuttling the carbohydrates into the muscle much faster, meaning my body doesn't go toxic from the amount of carbohydrates and amount of sugars in my bloodstream. And so for that reason, I recommend this for everybody who wants to live healthier and a higher quality of life. Suggested serving size of slim pills is three capsules, which works really well for most people. But people ask, Should I take it with food shape? Taking a morning show? Take it a night. It really doesn't matter in the end, but there are some specific example I'm going to give you. So there's one day a couple days ago, I didn't plan on taking slimming pills at all that day, but I went out and I ate an entire pizza myself because I have a little bit of an eating problem. When I start eating something like pizza, I can't stop. And then afterwards I ice cream. So I probably had twenty five hundred calories in just one meal. I went home and I took four capsules of slitting Bill, which helped prevent me story a lot of that as body fat and instead helps that absorb up into my muscles. And then afterwards I could even test my blood glucose to see that my blood glucose does not spike and My blood glucose comes down to normal much faster because it is shuttling the sugar out of my muscles. So it works great for cheap meals, but a lot of people take it at night so that they wake up with lower fasting blood sugar. A lot of people are having elevated blood sugar. They wake up with ninety eight glucose if they test themselves with a glucose monitor and by taking the Slim Pillot night. Four capsules at night usually bring someone who's a ninety eight down to eighty, which is roughly a twenty percent decrease in blood sugar. And where those carbohydrates go, most of them go into the muscles. So instead of waking up feeling depleted, we actually feel good and full, and you could notice the difference. When your blood sugar is lower, you feel more alert when your blood sugar starts going. Hi. You feel kind of foggy and tired. You know how you feel after you eat a big lunch in the middle of the day. This kind of helps prevent that, so any time we're eating carbohydrate meals that we don't want to feel foggy and toxic afterwards and we want to get that sugar out of our bloodstream in our our muscle. That's a great time to take the slimming pills, ultimately taking them before the meal. But as my pizza, ice cream and example take him after the meal was fine. Now, what about people who are on low carbohydrate diets or were already dieting? They could make dieting even more effective and cause us to burn even more fat if we just take it any time of day. So for someone who's already on a very clean diet, don't worry about cheat meals. Those people will often just take two capsules the morning two capsules at night to cause enough of a blood glucose decreased to increase their body fat to decrease their body fat and increase the amount of fullness in their muscles. The symptoms of overdosing on this is low blood sugar. We want to bring our blood sugar down, but if you bring your blood sugar down to low, you're going to feel very dizzy and disoriented and start sweating. It's called hyperglycemia, which means to lower blood sugar. Now, if that happens, then we need to possibly eat some more carbohydrates to bring our blood sugar back up into a normal range. But I experiment with that because I want to know how many capsules I can take to bring my blood sugar down to an optimal range. For some people, it will be four pills is enough to bring them to low with Watcher for others in six pills. Now, for me, if I'm eating just moderate carbohydrates, but I take six pills, I'LL start getting a little bit dizzy, which means that six pills is usually a little bit too much for me unless I had a really big cheat meal. So that's why I usually stick to about four pills per day. But if I'm gonna have a day where I'm eating lots of carbohydrates old a long I might take two pills four times a day to prevent any fat game from that day and make sure all the carbohydrates go into my muscles and I won't get dizzy, and my blood sugar won't drop too low because I ate so many carbohydrates that day. But someone who's on a very low carbohydrate diets, someone's on a very strict diet. They might even take just four pills, and they made also start feeling a bit dizzy. And so for those people, they might only want to take two pills, so it takes some experimentation to figure out the right dosage. The right way to experiment has always take a very small amount of something. See how the body reacts, and then you keep increasing and tell you start getting some of the side effect and then you know, to back off. This is different from the other insolent mathematics and glucose disposal agents on the market. Because the other ones are designed for health and longevity, they're very useful for that purpose. They lower blood glucose, but mostly they get rid of it out of the body. This was designed specifically to uptake war carbohydrates in the most, especially for bodybuilders, athletes or anybody who wants to have a fuller bigger muscles or wants more fat loss as a result of partitioning the nutrients into the muscle or increasing athletic performance. This was designed for athletic performance in body composition, but it also has the equal benefit of health and longevity of other glucose disposal agents and insulin dramatics. A bro for World's going get me huge. Yes, it's gonna get huge and it's giving me huge. Let's check in with the friends of Freedom and see how it's treated that way.

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