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insulin dosage versus h gh does it? I'm Dr Huge and this is an insulin needle. I'm gonna use it to demonstrate to you the difference between the insulin doses in each age difference does Very important. You could kill yourself. You take too much insulin can't kill yourself a h gh, but the insulin is is it only takes a very small amount. Insolent dosages are usually about that much on an insulin needle versus H gh dosages are usually about this much. And here's why. When you get a vial of eighty eights, usually it's ten units per vial and you re constitute a one ml of water. So you put this much water in that makes ten units. That means that each one of these lines ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty Each one is ten percent off the ten unit vile, which means that each line of the like a ten would actually be one unit of growth hormone. But insulin needles are made for insulin, not for growth hormones. So these numbers you see on the insulin needle correspond to insulin. Dosage is so if you see a ten on an insulin needle, that usually means that if you fill it with that much insulin, you're getting ten units of insulin. Whereas you see a ten, you see that ten on insulin Needle has growth hormone in it. That's actually one. This is one unit of H th. This is ten units of insulin. This is thirty mark would be thirty units of insulin, which is enough to kill you if you're not careful. Uh, but only three units of H. Th now, if you are a changed, more concentrated than that might differ. But almost always. That's about what the H GH is and almost always. It's pretty uniform when it comes to insulin, because that's why they make these beetles the way they are. And it's so important that insulin, because it's so dangerous, stays consistent, so you can usually go buy those numbers. But obviously always follow your doctor's recommendation Supervision because I am not your personal doctor. Be swollen. Full Friends of freedom fight. Here's human evolution

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