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freedom overdose experience. I'm Dr Hughes. I'm recording this video right now because I did overdose on freedom today. Overdosing on Creed ums Not really that big of a deal. Freedom is not as dangerous as the media makes us want to believe. The media's trying to convince this cretin is bad so they could take it away from us because it's a threat to the rest of cellphone industry and big pharma. Because if people really knew how amazing creative wass, then it would cost billions of dollars. The pharmaceutical industries would lose business because it is far superior to most of the prescription medication out there for anti anxiety and pain killing and even just feeling good. I think you would even probably damage the alcohol industry coffee industry of tea industry. But I took too much, and what I'm experiencing is nausea. That's the side effect. It's kind of like it's kind of like a feeling as if you have car sickness kind of feeling like you want to throw up. And I have had friends that took too much and actually do throw up. I've never thrown up on create Um, I still consider this an overdose because by my definition and overdoses, where you take mohr of something that you need to the point where the side effects have exceed the benefits, which is what happened. Even though I was experiencing the benefits of, I felt good. I feel almost like numb in a good way. I feel euphoric. I feel excited. I feel no social anxiety, which is a major problem for me, which means it probably is lowering my court assault, my stress hormones and overall improving my health. But it was when I was driving through Philippines here in the back of a taxi, like everything's spinning and I was so nauseous and I was almost thinking, should I just throw up, get it out of my system, or should I just buckle down and bear it? So I did. I just buckle down, bared it, and I took the dosage this morning. It's nighttime now, about twelve hours ago, but I still feel the cradle to me, create him as a pretty long active life. So I know some people does it twice a day. I don't really see the need because I still feel it at night, even when I take it in the morning. Uh, how this problem with overdosing on something like this is, then it causes some desensitization. So now, in order to get a benefit from it tomorrow, I would have to take a higher dose than if I didn't overdose. This is how tolerance builds. This is how side effects increasing what happens is see the benefits of create, um, our very, very high on the side effects are very low to none. But as you increase in dosage, the benefits just increased just very small. But the side effects increase a lot. So it's all about the dosage and my mistake for overdosing, and I should have known better. But it's difficult because And I think one of the reasons why creative isn't more popular is because it's hard to dose correctly. Um, and I don't think it should have any regulation. Doesn't need regulation what it needs. Us education. People need to know how to use it and experiment on themselves. And every time they get a new strain or a brand, they need to be taking a very small amount to assess their tolerance. Ancestor doses. If so, I believe created would be used one hundred percent healthfully with zero side effects. So I take responsibility just like everybody steak responsibility for using drugs of supplements, even natural ingredients, and admit that if someone overdoses, airai overdose, that's my fault. And, uh, next time I will be more careful. The dosage I look like I said, that one lead, a strain that I took of freedom was more potent than the strains that I had been using for the previous week's. So even though I took the same dosage, if it was about twice the potency, it was as if I took a double dose of it. But what I hope you get from this video is number one. Take responsibility for our own use supplements. Number two, even an overdose on creatine isn't that bad of a thing? I mean, Nagy was not really that big of a deal. And number three, the real problem with overdosing on things this desensitization building tolerance, understand, requires a higher dosage, which then puts you at risk of potentially having side effects in the future Again, the side effects of creative are so ridiculously minimal that maybe it's not even worth talking about. But I feel like I have to address it because of all the buzz in the media and the false information out there about negative side effects of creative be swell in school. Friends of freedom pioneers, Human evolution.

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