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you want to learn about what bcd to do? First arms. Sure, you don't open up and let me put this information inside you. I'm in Bangkok, Thailand, and you guys want to know what's the difference between a P C T first arms versus steroids? Well, it's largely the same. The differences that steroids are usually more suppressive, which means you usually need a more drastic pct or post cycle therapy afterwards. But let's dissect this because here I made a little list of some of the reasons why people do pct on. Then we can explore how they're different between steroid cycles and SW arm cycles, and then some of the treatments that people use during a p. C. T for a steroid cycle so we can relate it to how to use it for a storm cycle. But I wanna jump right to the conclusion really quick for those who were in a hurry and say that any ah pct protocol for a steroids will also work first arms. So if someone has all of the things available to them like hCG, Clomid and tamoxifen, which are the three most common things used in pct, those can be used in the same way that they're used for steroid cycles for storm cycles. But if we go down the list of the reasons why we do PCT which is post cycle therapy, meaning after this arms or steroids, I go howto get our body back to, ah, very healthy state. We've got four different categories off top ahead, regaining testosterone production, infertility, counter acting, estrogen rebound, healing the kidneys, liver and heart and re sensitizing energon receptors. So let's eliminate first the re sensitizing energon receptors because that's largely a myth. We'LL do that another video. Let's also eliminate the liver, kidneys and heart because in my experience and using CE arms, I have had no impact on my liver or kidneys and steroids. Also, unless you're taking our all steriods, often have very little impact on liver and kidneys anyways, so usually that see it not even needed in a p C T. That's exaggerated usually, but it depends on the cycle, because remember, when I say psalms, I'm talking about a whole class of compounds. When I say steroids, I'm talking about a whole class of compounds you may be taking one that is is not the norm that that's more toxic and then you have to address in your p C T. How to recover from that specific compound. So but just in general counter acting, the estrogen rebound it is a huge concern with steroids. It is still a concern on CE arms, but not as much because the estrogen rebound eyes much shorter in duration from Assam cycle and then the testosterone production infertility. Now this is the main concern, that reason why people would do a pct after a storm cycle. Many people do som cycles and never do a pct afterwards and have virtually no side effects like their natural testosterone rebounds very quickly after SW arms versus steroids. Now some people even do steroids cycles and never do pct and they're totally fine. If I had to guess, I would say I would say thirty five percent. This is a wild speculation of people that do steroids. Cycles seem to recover fine without pct. Usually the younger people who do shorter cycles with less harsh compounds when they don't even do pct usually that's just totally fine. But if but if they did need need pct and they didn't do the pct than what they could experience is a massive estrogen rebound, all the symptoms of low testosterone, and it takes the body a long time to recover from that testosterone. So personally, I like doing P C T for everything because I see no drawback. No reason not to write when we're weighing the benefits first. The drawbacks. What's the benefit of the pct? Increase natural testosterone production. Block the effects of estrogen, Regain fertility faster. Get the body to natural faith. State faster. What's the drawbacks? None of those drugs have virtually no side effects. HCG, Coloma Tamoxifin are all thoroughly studied for anti cancer medications and for females. And most of the information applies to mail the male body as well as faras the side effects of those compounds. Virtually none. So I wrote a list of the the options for Pct with Standard Is HCG, Clomid, tamoxifen and that works fine. First arms, too. I mean, anything that works for steroids is overkill or enough first arms. So usually we can take a steroid pct and just chop it in half. And that would still even be effective for CE arms. Uh, but let's go through each one HCG. That is an injection subcutaneous of reconstituted peptide that stimulates the testicles too. Uh stimulates that them in a way that the lutin izing hormone in our body stimulates them to function, to be full tohave The volume teo sort of it not doesn't cause them necessarily when you're on cycle to produce testosterone, but it has them go through the procedure so that when you do come off, they're ready. They're already running there, ready to produce testosterone. H mg works in a similar way can be used. You can use HCG or H m ght just a lot more common and obtainable. Tamoxifen and Nolvadex Isa Serm Selective estrogen receptor modulator, Tamoxifin, Nolvadex or the same thing. And Clomid Clementine is also a serm. These things, uh, they they're selective. Estrogen receptor modulators mean that their body, certain receptors in your body, think that they're estrogen, but they're not. And then they given knoll signal so they attached to the estrogen receptor. And so that's good to block the effects, the negative effects of estrogen that one could experience during a pct. Natural testosterone boosters. I take natural testosterone boosters all the time. Blue ox test booster. Anything similar whether I'm in P C T or not. But in P c T. It's especially important because all the studies that were done with these herbs and natural testosterone boosters, most of them are done on people with suppressed testosterone levels. And so in P. C. T. U are one of those people. You have suppressed natural testosterone levels. So the natural testosterone boosters, even though they're not effective, often times to get someone who has healthy testosterone levels to a super physiological testosterone level. They are effective in getting someone who has low testosterone to normal toe sauced around range. H G H G f is something that a lot of bodybuilders use because it is non energetic. It doesn't suppress natural testosterone, and yet it does build and maintain muscle and does a lot of the same benefits that that steroids or SAR mes do. But with none of the drawbacks during pct like there's no reason not to run them bearing pct other than if you're worried about the side effects of those outside of the state side effects that steroids and storms have or cost on the training and diet. The biggest mistake people make during pct as they they stopped. Training is hard and they stopped dieting because they're the psychological aspect of being on gear is like Okay, I'm on gear Mance arm's better make use of it and you do everything right, You come off and it's kind of like Well, why even try, right? Of course you will lose your gains. Of course you're going toe gain fat because you're not training as hard you're not. Dieting is right. And then dick pills see Alice Levitra in Viagra. They actually increased natural testosterone. They'LL actually accelerate your pct progress And, of course, one of the side effects of the low testosterone if the storm cycle did decrease. Financial testosterone is, ah, lower sex drive in lower sexual performance. So those will make up for the low testosterone and bridge that gap until the natural testosterone is in full effect. Now I have a lot of friends that deuce arm cycles that don't do any pct and they're totally fine. So it's It's not often times mandatory if I and again, this is way over generalizing because we have so many of them stairs in so many different sarmin some of different people, and it's very individual specific. But in general, people regenerate after a storm cycle, their natural testosterone production really quickly and without too much effort. So for that reason, that's why most of my friends either don't do a pct or, if they do do a pct, they do about half of a normal steroid cycle. Pct and I'LL give you just a quick example of what I think is like a miniature pct for after a storm cycle. This is very individual specific HCG because they're usually in a five thousand unit vile. That's five hundred you times ten. That would be ten serving the five hundred by you, so I would do five hundred. I You like every other day for ten servings makes twenty days. All right, then I would do tamoxifen just twenty milligrams a day for two weeks. It's got a long half life, So even after I stopped taking it for two weeks, it's still gonna be in my system for a couple weeks after that same thing with Chlo machine Clomid. I probably dio fifty on the higher side, fifty milligrams for two weeks. That could also become happened like twenty five milligrams for one month. The dosage is I'm giving you about half the normal steroid cycle dosages in which I find to be effective. Natural testosterone boosters. Problem most people have with Nati testosterone boosters is they don't take enough. You know, these these herbal testosterone boosters, you have to take a lot of it, so I actually take double the suggested serving size of natty tech testosterone booster. So if, like the label of Blue Walk says three pills, if I really want to get my testosterone up like significantly to where I can feel it from the actual blue ox, I would take six pills instead and usually at night before bed is the best time to take it. But could take half in the morning, half a night and then dick pills I like, see Alyssa twenty milligrams a day and or Viagra at seventy five milligrams per day and or Levitra at twenty milligrams per day. Be swelling swole Friends of Freedom pioneers, human evolution for more cutting edge content on the daily subscribe but visiting him

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