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to talk about super high testosterone dosages. They want to know if there's a big difference between one gram and three grams. Is there something magic that happens when you get up to three grand on this last round? But what a convergence. So I think the only thing I can say to this is back to do shames theory of post mediated Andrea receptor um, growth. And that is, once you get to a certain level of engines and your body beyond spillover rate beyond saturating the Andrew receptors, you can get a growth effect from this outside of the receptor. And this could be hormone related. Just could be just a saturation the hormone. And there is a truth to it when you see studies, if you introduce any anabolic compound, Myo Staten does drop. So theoretically, one smile. Sand catches up to this. If you add more, you might build a lower down. Now there could be truth to adding such a high level exogenous, foremost say, eight grams like he said, eight to twelve grams for eight to ten grams of exogenous androgens. I could do this, but again, one, two, three grams testosterone, you one hundred percent guarantee You're just going to get more side effects. That's all that happens. You have counterbalancing hormones that are going to adapt to this from get prostate problems. I mean Astra and goes so far as to G. All these things increase and take away from the hormone, so I I can't stress this enough. You don't need it. There's absolutely no point in doing that. It's not going to do anything. Anabolic, Lee. You saturate the receptors. You just kind of side effects of that point. And now we have competitive bodybuilder Philip Gero Slim Diesel, who's known for being really moderate in his approach to body moving, is dosages are very moderate. His diet is perfect. His training is flawless. He is like the perfect body builder, and I don't know how. I don't know how you fight the temptation to see what happens when you increase the dosage. Could you keep making progress? But but what's the What's the highest dosage of testosterone? You think that someone your size he's big. He's like two hundred thirty something pounds shredded, you know, I'm pretty close to competition. Ready? Just looks a little wet. Both of them look, they're holding water, right? But But they're both They're both shredded. But what's the testosterone dosage that you've heard? Someone your body size running a hundred mgs a hundred milligrams, right? And usually the approach to stack things on top of that or testosterone. Yeah, stacked with depends on where you're at in contest prep, but, um, master on three hundred Master Donnelly. And that will gets dropped out closer to the show for the one your favorite train, I mean, and then, you know, But a hundred's the most most assasinated think of bodybuilder could need just remember us at other compounds on top. The whole purpose of designer steroids was to minimize side effects and maximize growth. So, testosterone being the very first, you know, steroid, every steroid theoretically made after two. Sasha was just to be a better version of testosterone. So there really is no point in taking more when you could take a drug that gives you better, better effects with less side effects. Yeah, and that's not jumping straight to eight hundred. That's tapering up. And then you take her back down mean

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