Trt Injection with Coach Trevor

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this is T R T injection with Coach Trevor Cursed Forever doesn t r t very low dosage of testosterone, usually like one cc every ten days, which is not optimal more frequently. Better to maintain blood levels of testosterone. But he's just not interested in speed under eye muscle. Whenever I remember whenever he remembers to do of Where's your, uh, what's your favorite place to inject your tea party now? Then it's probably the flu just because you're doing so you see a test that you don't feel it, but do the shoulder for camera. Alright, doing to ass is when. So this is a TR Delt injection. Here he goes. That's for a screen shot. It's a twenty three gauge, one and a half inch. So it's easy to push, right? Oh yeah, come into pretty smooth. So you have a good year. These are from the screen shots, No blood. Okay, the end be swollen Soul front freedom fighters

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Coach Trevor. Do you also take hgh and hcg daily on your try program? Or would you call that An HRT program.