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pineapple. Bodybuilding scientist Adam here in Brazil, Eating pineapple. Why're you eating pineapple in the booth? Well, you see, there are some research that points that pineapple contains sums. Some compounds that helps your liver to the talks. Andi are also helps, too. To regulate the blood. The blood sugar count on DH. It's also very, very tasty. When's the first time you've heard, uh, body building at the age fifty for all. And since then, you've been using to yourself or to your your athletes use it in their diets. Yes. Thinks that. And after that, with my research, I really like to research. That includes bodybuilding performance. So I really dig into that and find some articles about So you chose this as a deserted cleanly that when you try to find Apple every day, or just when they offer it as a dessert that overs. No, no, I tried to include that in Never ever. David. At least you're true, muse. Oh, that much? Yes, I take around three, three, three hundred, Gramps. My night. Bernie, do you think that the pineapple juice alone is effective? Yes, we're sure. Now that guy's That doesn't mean like the pineapple juice. It's added a bunch of sugar. Anything that probably means by your pineapple view by national were added. No, no, sure they're at and you need to take. The fibres also promised juices that when you do that, you just get rid off the fibers and just take it with a ***. So just wasting most off the the dietary properties off fruit be swell School friends created pioneers, human evolution.

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