Whassup everybody! Today we are talking about Myostatin. What js Myostatin. The Anabolic Pathway and Matrix, What low myostatin levels can do and two ways to lower these levels. Talking about the Sarm Yk11 and the ALL natural supplement Epicatechin. Watch the video for more information and see how it can enhance your life!
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Eating 99% dark chocolate everyday, great stuff, even better now I know this, thanks!

Yk-11 is kinda a sarm. But actually is more a steroid.. It can be classified as both. Just wanted to put that out here. And I’m currently cycling rad & yk. Just added the yk 3 days ago. Been with tha rad for 16 days at the moment. And I’ve noticed and immediate increase in strength endurance and aggression. The aggression with the rad coupled with the YK, gives you a really fucking short fuse and you really don’t want to put up with anybody’s bullshit. But it is handleable you can contain the aggression you just have to focus… Read more »