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Erik Von Schnauzer
6 months ago

From a Facebook clip where you quizzed Big Trevor (BT) on bulking he said Follitonic. I got a bottle and did 50mg/1cc every other day as spoken about by BT as the lowest dose, with 250mg/1cc Test E/week. I was eating well but Keto and didn’t notice any gains (sleep is always an issue for me). However at the end of the time I was so fucking angry in the afternoons. I mean I could feel it building from about 2pm and I was ready to explode by 5-6pm. So by this vid you recon take both for a week… Read more »

Erik Von Schnauzer
6 months ago

Sorry I ran it for 3 weeks at 50mg (1/2 cc) EOD it was the third week I saw the anger come in….and if not the opiats how would you deal with anger? Obviously I need to bump up use (I always start at the lowest end) but I am worried about the anger as it was bad on the 50EOD God only knows what increasing the does would do. But if they are such awesome mass gainers ….well I’m going to have to do them. I’m 47 and only just started using any gear this past year but trained… Read more »

Erik Von Schnauzer
6 months ago

Due to the two different ways these work should you do one in the morning and one at night and how much test were you using as a base?

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