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How I Handle Haters?

EVERYONE has haters. How do I deal with haters? I’ll give you some tips that you can use to deal with haters:) * Instead of being COMPETITIVE with people, I would HELP them *

Fructose and Insulin | Dr. Tony Huge

Eating fruit while using Insulin? Dr. Tony Huge did a previous video on WHY Fructose is bad but how is it beneficial with Insulin use? He is going to give us his hypothesis, his assumption, and the facts on the assumptions he makes on Insulin use with Fructose. Fructose vs. Glucose & Dextrose type sugars.

Genius Pills Review | Aaron Reed

Genius Pills Review Genius Pills! I’m Aaron Reed, worlds tallest bodybuilder coming at you live to talk about my personal Genius Pills Review. I have just experimented with the Genius Pills by Enhanced Athlete for the second time. These are designed to increase focus and mental clarity – they DEFINITELY do that. I took two […]