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    Dear Tony,Trevor,Team

    I would like to be part of your team, I will skip my reasons why but you may ask me if you are interested.

    Before I Go further Please first assist me with a breakdown of the prp process I’ve seen the video, I’ve got various sources of information on how to perform it, what I’m after is clear step by step instructions with dose requirements for activator and/or anti coagulation amounts for a 30ml or other . I already have these details from various sources but I would like you to share with me your protocol for prp.

    In return I will contribute any one of the following:
    -How to make the most effective (natural looking) synthol. (The person I made this for won all his titles)
    -A way to slow down the release and absorption of anabolics (steroid is encapsulated into a medium that can take 6months up to 2+years to be metabolised fully. (Working)
    -An explained way of training+drug use+therapy use that is as of yet untapped. I developed and used this when I thought I would be going to prison. I was using recreational drugs for two years prior because I had massive charges and thought I would be in jail for 15years at the time, I eventually faced reality and decided to get in shape for when I went inside, it took 6months and I got up to 118kg my bench press max was on the decline machine 300kg for 1rep.
    The system uses a mathematical sequence patterning that determines what drugs at what dosage and when dosages increase or decrease, when a new drug is added or taken away, training duration , how many reps and weight ranges, when to eat, sleep and train and on.

    I can explain and answer any questions you have in regards to these offerings.
    Obviously I didn’t end up in prison.

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