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Jean Claude

Hairloss, DHT,DHB, Finasteride. LGD4033/DECA. I want to know a bunch of things about MPD vs steroids in general:

For Steroids like DECA and SARMS like LGD-4033 . It is said that LGD-4033 doesn’t reduce to DHT , should that help the hair problem ? By the same reasoning could you grow back some hair? Taien Talks about this related to DECA only cycles and I wonder if you also have any experiences.

Also, knowing that Boldenone only converts to DHB, should that be a safer cycle for hairloss? Something like 250 Test E and 400 Boldenone a week . Would that be reasonable and safe with regards to MPD?

Tigo van der Heijden

Limp Dick halfway tren cycle, what to do?


Increase test


What is ur dosage of test vs tren?


how much arimi are you on and do you take caber?


Make a video on synephrine!!


I want to know how much LGD 4033 is required to get results like 600mg to 1.2g DECA+TRT? How safe would it be? I know DECA is the best anabolic for least side effects however it is apparently 20x more dangerous to the arteries vs testosterone. What about LGD 4033? It apparently has a similar anabolic:androgenic ratio. Also is modafinil + Orlistat + mk 677 the best, safest stack to reduce fat when lean bulking, recomping on maintenance or just pigging out on a cheat meal? Please do the above experiments and make a video on my topics. Do I have to pay? Contact me if so as I want to know. Modafilnil: Reduces appetite, Reduces impulsive behaviour like bingeing. Makes sticking to a diet or any goal a doddle. Increases catecholamines which Increases fat breakdown. Increases energy and well being. Reduces prolactin which Increases fat breakdown further. Might Reduce cholesterol. Orlistat: blocks 30% of Dietary fat which is the most calorie dense macronutrient and least anabolic to someone who is enhanced. Not a good energy source for most athletes. This drug makes dieting and lean bulking easier if you have a naturally high appetite. mk 677: basically HGH, anti-aging, joints, well being, makes you insulin resistance which increases fat burning and makes storage of nutrients hard for muscle and fat. Weight training makes Skeletal muscle sensitive again to nutrients/insulin. Will force your body to use bodyfat as energy for muscle growth. Modafinil creates a good synergistic effect as it… Read more »

dj big man

modafinil source?


I’d like to know more about boldenone cypionate vs. EQ

Philip Soumakis

They are the same compound just the cypionate version means it kicks in faster


I’m looking to run a low dose Dbol cycle with 500mg per week of test e. What ai and liver support should I take on cycle and what’s the best PCT protocol?


Hey guys, hope all is well.
Ive managed to get mostly pharma gear and wanted any advice to compare to my theory. I do prefer long esters
so whai i got is
”oils” Sust 250, Test Cyp 200, EQ 200, DECA 200 & TREN E
”orals” dbol, anavar, tbol & clen. plus HGH
Im 6ft 1” 112kg with minimal belly fat & love handles, can easily eat 6-8 meals a day and Cardio is always intense, hill climbs etc 30-45 mins every morning & non weight days cardio again in evening 20-30 intermediate, Now with that info what would you recommend i use when & approx dosages?

Ivann Hacefalta
Does this sitebelong to you guys, EA? Can i order from it? i live in Italy

EA Danny


EA Admin
EA Danny

No do not order from them. They are not affiliated with us anymore.
Order from


Do they ship to United States ? Massachusetts


do you have any video on superdrol?
regards from Belgium 🙂

EA Danny

will add to our list of topics!


Can you guys please do a video on yk11 and how long my lab rat should take it for, without shutdown?

Philip Soumakis

It will shut you down even at a small dose for a short period of time

dj big man

why would he get shut down? His lab rat is taking it. If its a young male with adequate pct test should come back pretty quickly as long as cycle wasn’t too long or to high. Will defiantly loose a lot of that full and hard look yk gives though unfortunately.

Philip Soumakis

Yk11 is very suppressive , I can confirm from personal use. In personal experience I found it nearly as suppressive as NPP ( I did blood work after NPP and it was very similar to solo run of YK11) even Tony Huge made a video about how suppressive YK-11 is, it’s not a SARM it is a steroidal Sarm. Tony Huge found that after only a week on YK11 at moderate dose ( can’t remember off the top of my h as but wasn’t anything crazy) he was shutdown significantly. You don’t have to be scared of shutdown though, just because you are shutdown doesn’t mean you won’t get test back

Philip Soumakis

Could you make a video talking about DHB on more depth, dosages, sides, effects on health?


Have you tried it?


Would you recommend taking HCG 500IU’s twice a week on a suppressive cycle such as yk11 and lgd to keep natural test levels stable?


Would love to see a video on test, Tren, EQ, And mast.
About to start a new cycle of the above mentioned compounds, the eq I’m front loading and using as my primary mass builder along side Tren
The mast I’m using to block some of the estrogen receptors and keep water down, in study’s for Cattle Tren builds more mass when in an estrogen heavy environment, I’m running 650mg a week of test no AI (highest I’ve gone so far without an AI or any estrogen sides has been 800mg/week)
I’m hoping that the test and EQ will allow the Tren to work most effectively in this environment because the mast will stop my estrogen receptors from using the estrogen that’s produced from the combination of the compounds
Would love to see a video of your thoughts on this cycle
Test 650mg/week
EQ 300mg/week
Tren 300mg/ week
Masteron 200-300mg/week
No AI.

Philip Soumakis

EQ might be a waste of time due to Tren binding to the same receptor but much more strongly so EQ won’t do much


Hey man, i’ve been running 5oo mg of test e per week, 600mg of EQ per week, and just added 400 mg of masteron into my cycle. i’ve got a knot from previous gyno that is flaring up….i’ve been taking 12.5 mg twice a day of aromasin that I got from and i’ve added in 60 mg of their raloxiphene for 10 days so far, and i’m not showing signs of it diminishing my knot…..any suggestions would be appreciated. thinking of lowering my test by half. thanks for any help…i’m assuming the ancillaries are gtg but now i’m concerned. what would you do? I’m also alternating with older enhanced athlete ancillaries just to make sure it’s not a bad batch from either source. trying to avoid surgery, and i’ve had good results before from ralox.

Philip Soumakis

First off all why are you running Masteron? Are you bulking or cutting? Secondly are you sure you have legitimate Masteron. Masteron is often test propionate since Masteron is fairly pricey so you might actually be running a ton of test without knowing. You can smash 7.5 mg metro for one day then 2.5mg for the following two days then follow up with nolvadex for a week whilst reducing your dosages. If it is very bad consider a long time raloxiphene such as 8 weeks


What are you guys thoughts on using test E and s23. i have ran the test e alone for the 9 weeks, want to run it with s23 for my last 3 weeks.

Philip Soumakis

Much better with Test. S23 solo is a bit shit as it shuts down test and estrogen. You need both of these to grow it made me look really flat running it on its own and made me very angry. With test I filled out much more and felt better


Hey, could you show us all the places you can inject IM with an insulin needle? Oil based compounds. Thanks for pioneering human evolution!

Philip Soumakis

I have done, chest, triceps, biceps shoulders. When I am very lean I do lats and quads. When I was a couple weeks out from my show and my glutes where shredded I used them on glutes as well. In general anywhere where you are fairly lean. If you don’t go deep enough you risk damaging the muscle and causing more scar tissue

Willem Temmerman

Need the name of real anavar please
Thanks in advance

Viktor Torda

Hi Tony, really would like to know details and all tricks you use when you prepare for a competition in such a short time. There was a video before what I cant find now, water, sodium and potassium manipulation etc.
I would like to try to compete like that so I do not have to diet that hard !
Appreciate if you can do a detailed video about that.

Love the whole EA since begining, love what you do and share with us !
Thank you a lot


How long should a cycle of Phytodrol be. Its 60 capsule 150mg a serving for 2 capsules, enough for 30 days. Its 30days just right or can a go over a few weeks?

EA Danny

I don’t believe theres a cut off for how long it should be. going over 30 days is fine. but cycling it can be a good idea

dj big man

Can you do a video on where to get dnp now? Had great results from a few vendors, but all shut down. Also if anyone knows where to get real flmodafinil for a reasonable price, let me know. My source for that shut down also.

Philip Soumakis

Try United pharmacies for modafinil


Hi Team,

I would like to Increase muscle mass and cut down body fat. Which steroid cycle I have to go.

Same time also could you please suggest PCT for the same.

PS – I would like to do just 8 weeks of cycle. Kindly suggest accordingly.

Desley Morelli

Hey Dr tony huge i suffer from phenibut withdrawals i want to use kratom 5 grams a day to combat it for 10 days will this leave me with kratom withdrawals?

dj big man

You will probably get withdrawals, especially at that dose/duration. I would alternate days taking kratom and phenibut lowering doses each time.


Thoughts on nucleas overload?

Guilherme Machado

Question about legit pharma HGH (Saizen): Im taking 5 iu per day. In how many doses should I spit it? Doctor says one single dose at night is better for fat loss (less igF-1 conversion).

Jeff Mera

I’ve taken slin pills 1 month now and still at the weight I was when I stopped my prep I could of of easily rebounded but I’m still lean witch I love! I’m wondering when is Ea having a Black Friday sale? I need to restock up on slins!!

EA Danny

Black Friday sale is coming soon!! stay tuned for deals!


What else can I add to Slin and yohimbine to burn more fat I don’t wonna use the hard core stuff like Dnp or clen

EA Danny

you can add code red fat burner, and obviously with a good diet


Running 750IU ~ 1000IU HCG per Week for Test Base instead of injecting Test while on cycle?

E.g if I’m doing an Oral Turinabol or Anadrol cycle, instead of injecting 150mg Test E per week to maintain normal Test levels, can I instead use 300 IU HCG 3x per week without the Test E?

Cause ideally the HCG use should keep my testicles working thought the cycle maintaining normal or above normal Test levels.


What to take to deal with social anxiety/being more social? Ive tried phenibut (thanks big lenny) and it works wonders but i get REALLY bad brainfog and low motivation for the next few days which makes me want to steer away to something with less intense side effects.

dj big man

I’ve found Keaton in certain doses is a pretty good phenibut alternative for this. I’ve also had success with l-theanine at pretty high doses around 1g. It’s good because it’s natural, cheap, readily available, and is pretty good for mental focus. Unlike phenibut and kratom you could take theanine every day with little reproductions.


I’m a cheap ass so I’m waiting for Cyber Monday to order some kratom, but I tried L-theanine at 700mg and it’s a very subtle effect, i felt looser but I wasn’t necessarily more talkative, just more comfortable. Combining it with caffeine however gave it a more socializing phenibut kind of feel, not near the same strength of phenibut but a similar effect. Also no noticeable side effects from theanine and just a regular crash from the caffeine.
What strain of Kratom would you guys recommend still on the subject of social anxiety btw? People seem to be debating between Green Malay, Green Maeng Da, White Indo, and Bali.

EA Danny

have you tried kratom??


How to incorporate facisa stretching techniques and the benefits of it as it will normaly stretch if needed?

EA Danny

I personally like intra-workout stretching between sets


How to make our ligaments and tendons powerful and strong using dugs,supplements ?

EA Admin
EA Danny

Have you tried BPC-157 or TB-500 ?


How to approach training from Trevor prespctive (sets,failure)?

EA Admin
EA Danny

Always change it up. But going to failure Is key (for the most part). Add In variables such as TUT, heavy weights w/ good form, super sets , drop sets, etc.


Can a man regain his total testosterone up to 1200ng naturally after steroids?then how?


Why Trevor thinks that Epo is one of the best drigs available to make hyperplasia?


Dnp with t4 vs t3?

dj big man

I’m pretty sure dnp would slow the conversion from t4 to t3 to try to burn less calories. t3 would be better for fat loss, but also when burning so many calories on dnp it could be pretty catabolic. IMO use t3 just in a lower dose so you can control levels rather than leaving it up to your body.


I think it will decrease the the t4 output so by taking t4 you get normal t3 output and when you come off dnp you stop the t4 so then you don’t have to deal with the suppression from the t3


Could I do a 6 month sarm cycle and changed compounds every 4 weeks to minimise suppression from each compound

EA Danny

I think thats a great idea


hello dr tony huge i need help a few months ago i crashed my estrogen on accident and ever since i’m having major problems getting it normal my estrogen in the morning is really low i feel groggy and extreme low dopamine i checked it with bloods testosterone is in the high 1000s but estrogen keeps low its still 18 after 4 months what should i do ? i dont want to up my testosterone duo to high red blood cell problems greetings from holland

EA Danny

did you do a proper pct? I suggest doing hcg and clomid


Question for trevor . I want to know about supplements to bring brain chemistry back to optimal levels after years of taking high doses oxycodone and always feeling tired and un motivated . Also want you guys to do a video on ment and a.i. protocol.


My girlfriend is a type 1 diabetic. What’s the best way to get her to lose bodyfat. I’ve been doing a low carb diet and its working for me and not for her. What are the differences in dieting for a type 1 diabetic vs normal. And What supplements might help .

EA Danny

For fat los with her, I would definitely suggest a keto diet

Matteo Resca

Can you do another video about Ultimate Cycle? Go in depth also into diet and workout for it. I did 20w of ultimate cycle and was a nice experience never used so low gear with that nice gains. Gains are slow but steady, and you look good all the cycle.

Matteo Resca

Guys can you talk more of REAL sarm dose for building serious amount of muscle? I have heare that Slindiesel used 50mg LGD per week with success.
Can you tell us which Sarm is comparable to which steroid? (More or less)
The only sarm I appreciated was S23 at 30mg per day stacked with 200 TestE.
I would like to start doing 6w Blast with AAS the. 6w with Sarms. You are the only guys I can trust SARM wise, I think none has your experience Tony and Trevor.

Thanks in advance

EA Danny

He was using LGD from what I understand and had good results

Matteo Resca

My experience regarding Deca only cycle.

Well the base for this cycle was:
100iu HCG EOD (to mimic test without sides with Deca)
350 Proviron ew (to keep the DHT high enough to not suffer from DHN)

Then started injecting 1500mg Deca and every 4w upped the dose till 2100mg Deca a week.

Added a ton of muscle! Felt awesome (not like on a base of TestE), was strong as an ox, water retention was minimal and had to use no ancillaries since my E2 hitted just 50ish pg/ml.
Started cycle with 7 on prolactin ended after more than 12weeks at 9, no sides.
Did bloods without injecting HCG for a week, and TotalTest was 0, so the deca was real.
Didn’t check for progesterone sorry.
Didn’t check for FSH/LH since still have kids and not interested in having others.

This cycle worked well for me that for next year was thinking to go for 6w Deca only, 6w 300 TestE EQ, 6w 300 TestE TrenA, Cruise or Jump on Sarms.

Curious to know what Tony and Trevor think about that cycle.

Matteo Resca

Can you deline a successful cruise and blast “growth season”? Like how to cycle steroids, maybe how to include Sarms.

Matteo Resca

What do you think of Ansomone HGH? I can get it directly from the factory. Is that good? Or just crap UGL HGH?

Matteo Resca

What do you think of this HGH and Insulin protocol?

5IUs preworkout along with 2-10IUs humalog, 5IUs postworkout along with 2-10IUs humalog, 5IUs before bed EOD
2-5mgs CJC-DAC twice a week
10-25mgs MK677 before bed ED


What’s the best none stim fat burner to take before bed and exercise

EA Danny

You’ll have to find an exact “non-stim” formula. can’t think of one on top of my head. But yohimbe works great

dj big man

Silencer by recon 1 is pretty good if you are willing to take t2. Would recommend more in morning rather than pre bed, but not a huge difference.


Ok cheers any side effects of taking t2 that I should be aware of

EA Danny

not at the moment but stay tuned


Hi Tony, Trevor and Team! First off, I just want to thank you for how grateful I am for all the in-depth knowledge I have received from you in terms of healthy fitness and bodybuilding oriented lifestyle. Would be hard to imagine the world without you. It’s always a pleasure watching your videos and learning from you. I have a couple of questions related to pitch and voice effects of gear. Besides being a male fitness competitor, I am a pop-rock signer with a high tenor voice. Thus I have always been extremely careful with any androgens since I understand that they can actually lower the voice in men just as they can affect women. Men just don’t generally pay that much attention to it. Nonetheless order to be able to benefit from the use of steroids and PEDs without compromising my voice in any respect, what advice do you have? I’m now 41 years old (male) and I have assumed that If I keep my test levels lower than where they might have naturally been at my twenties then I should not have to worry about any voice changes and that I could replace part of my TRT test dosage with some more anabolic substances (like anavar and sarms). Eg. instead of taking 100 mgs of test per week I would just take some 35 migs and then some ostarine? Would this be bullet proof approach or should I still be concerned? Howabout HGH (or IGF)? Can they affect… Read more »


Hey Tony, could you make a vide on HGH protocol WITHOUT insulin? This is for the average bodybuilder, not for the competitive ones… How to control glucose without insulin? Should we use Metformin? What about its side effects (including killing IGF-1)? How frequent should the injections be, considering a low dose of legit pharma HGH such as Saizen (5 iu day)?

Matteo Resca

Why HGH without insulin? It’s so dumb. So what Trevor says, works like a charm 1iu HGH +2iu Humalog…. Have you ever listened to his videos?

Vince Fox

Please make a video on p.i.p and how to tell if you have an infection normal swelling and when to contact your doctor or hospital.


Is there Pharmacies where I can find test, needles and syringes at Pattaya Jomtie Beach?