How Do Skinny Guys Put on Muscle ? | Aaron Reed

How do skinny guys put on muscle? If you’re skinny and have been trying to put on muscle, chances are, you’re doing something wrong. Besides the diet and training, i’ll be talking first about the chemistry and bodybuilding (Thyroid, Insulin, Human Growth Hormone, and Anabolics) and putting on muscle (since I was once a skinny […]

Fructose Opinion Breakdown | Aaron Reed

I’ve done a couple videos in the past on the subject of Fructose on why I think it is a sub-optimal choice for bodybuilding because of the reason that it doesn’t deliver the insulin spike post-workout AND because our liver can only store so much fructose/glucose. So I wanted to get Aaron’s opinion and personal […]

Genius Pills Review | Aaron Reed

Genius Pills Review Genius Pills! I’m Aaron Reed, worlds tallest bodybuilder coming at you live to talk about my personal Genius Pills Review. I have just experimented with the Genius Pills by Enhanced Athlete for the second time. These are designed to increase focus and mental clarity – they DEFINITELY do that. I took two […]

Feeder Workouts | Localized Fat Loss | Aaron Reed

What are feeder workouts? What is the purpose of it? How does it differ from the everyday regular training that we do? I want to know if Aaron does them, if he would even consider it, and what his opinion is on this concept. The benefit of these ‘feeder workouts’ are for more increased blood […]

Don’t Combine Sugar and Fat! | Aaron Reed

Aaron Reed, World’s tallest bodybuilder, believes in an important concept when it comes to bodybuilding nutrition, DON’T COMBINE SUGAR AND FATS! Aaron explains why this isn’t optimal and everything we need to know about not combining these two in your diet whether you’re an athlete or not.

Posing Practice for Bodybuilding | Aaron Reed

Posing is IMPORTANT for bodybuilding. We go through weeks and weeks of preparation, hardcore diet, and training but if you walk on that stage and can’t present what you worked so hard for, its a waste of time. Bodybuilding is an art and its how you present your physique that matters at that exact time […]

Calcium a Scam? | Aaron Reed

Is Calcium an “American Scam”? I have never met anyone that is deficient in Calcium. Instead I see a lot of people with deficiencies, in Vitamin D but adding Calcium will not benefit you any further. Me and Aaron will discuss Calcium and how it plays a role in our society.

Cbd and Thc for Anxiety | Aaron Reed

Aaron Reed and I will be discussing using THC and CBD for his anxiety. You wouldn’t be able to tell, but he actually gets social anxiety from time to time. He’ll explain how using THC and CBD benefits him in an out of the gym and why he cannot go without it. A lot of […]