42935829 – cell division stages of mitosis

Hypertrophy vs Hyperplasia

Can we really grow permanent muscle by splitting muscle cells ? We sat down with Coach Trevor and asked him to explains, what is hyperplasia and why is it important. You may think that the gains achieved are temporary and will fade away quickly if he stops working out. Therefore we asked Coach Trevor about […]

Glute Workout for Hotties | Coach Trevor

Women are you looking to build some sexy legs, hamstrings, and GLUTES? Coach Trevor will be taking these hottie alerts through a Glute workout:) The workout: – Vertical Leg press – Barbell Squats – Glute Kickbacks – Adductors – Walking Lunges – Stair Climber @24x Fitness Gym, Singapore

Emergency Gyno Treatment ! | Coach Trevor

What to do if you have Gyno (Gynecomastia)?? In an emergency situation when you realize you have gyno (small bump under your nipple usually) Letrozole is your friend. Coach Trevor explains how it can get rid of your gyno as well as dosages. Remember this video is for a quick fix, not long term.

Creatine Discussion | Coach Trevor

This discussion will be on the History of our creatine use. I’ve always been used to Creatine Monohydrate when i first started working out at 14 years old. Coach Trevor shares with us his personal experience as well. Creatine: “An amino acid that is produced in our body‚Äôs liver and is also found in red […]

Cjc-1295 with or Without Dac | Coach Trevor

Dr. Tony Huge will be discussing his lab work results back for his cholesterol which he’ll be sharing with Enhanced Athlete’s Health and Longevity expert, Carey Nosler. They’ll talk about Co-Q10 Enzyme supplementation and HOW it can your body’s cholesterol and be improved and benefit from it.

Carbing Up on Insulin

Carbing Up on Insulin??!! Live at the 2016 NPC Miami Nationals here with Original Bodybuilding Guru Ameen Alai, Cane Bishop, Coach Trevor, and Slin Diesel. We will get the opinions from the experts and they’re personal experiences/opinions on it. * GURU AMEEN ALAI * Instagram, Twitter: @GuruAmeenAlai Facebook: Guru Ameen Alai Website: www.guruameenalai.com Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOW3K_QItNfFv0o0sxfhng

Carbohydrates for Breakfast | Coach Trevor

Do we need to eat carbohydrates for breakfast? Let’s ask the expert Coach Trevor. Although it depends on people who compete and the average person, this video will probably be more geared to those who compete or are into bodybuilding. The reasoning is because Coach Trevor says to go by the way you look (vascularity, […]